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Thursday 16 August 2012

The Therapy Zone

Arrival - Profiles

   Field agent and colleague of the Prisoner is in a nearby bed in ward ‘A’ of the Hospital.
Height…..5feet plus Approx}
Weight…. 180lbs {approx}
Hair……… dark
Age……… Early to mid forties {approx}
Nationality.. English
Occupation. Civil Servant
Salary…….  £200 per month {approx}
Never seen in village costume, so we can only guess at what that might have been, cream coloured pyjamas and the business suit he wears as he leaves the village.
He tells his ex-colleague Number 6 that he was in Germany, he returned to his Hotel, he    went into the bedroom, he thinks he went to bed. He was here, apparently abducted to the village, as a supposed prisoner, yet Cobb come to the village of his own free will. Remember that the new Number 2 hoped his stay had its lighter moments.
    He is described by a medic as being an amnesia case, yet he can remember about being in Germany and returning to his hotel, he thinks he went to bed. But at the end there is no sign of any amnesia as he bids au revoir.
He is a man who has ‘gone over’, Cobb is more than happy to co-operate with the village authorities. And now due to his faked suicide, for the benefit of his ex-colleague, he can disappear to his new masters, who ever they may be, a new government after a general election perhaps, or a new position within a government department, possibly in the Houses of Parliament. But in any case he’s dressed for working somewhere in the city.
    Not a very nice person using the girl as he did, even though at the he does tell Number 2 not to be too hard on the girl. Cobb used the girl, sent her to make up to the pilot in order to gain the ‘Electropass’, this in the full knowledge that he had no intention what so ever in escaping with the girl to anywhere.
    Cobb, being a close colleague of the prisoner and who was also close to Number 9, his apparent suicide had the wanted effect of brining Number 6 and Number 9 together, starting at his funeral.
At the end Cobb was dressed in a business suit and bowler hat, more as an administrator than possible field man. It is possible that he was in government in some way, but whose government? The Common Market had been formed in 1957, this is 1967 and it is possible that Cobb was off to Brussels. That could account for his new masters.
It is also quite apparent that the village authorities command a great deal of loyalty from those such as Cobb, who are allowed to leave the village.

Number 9

Height…. 5feet 8 inches {approx}
Weight…. 120lbs {approx}
Age……. Early thirties {approx}
Hair……. Brown
Nationality…  English speaking
Village attire, colourfully stripped cape and bright red trilby hat, black polo neck jersey and bright red slack and flat shoes.
She is not happy with her life in the village, a life of deceit and
During her time in the village, amongst other things she apparently
 became close to Cobb, and was going to escape with him. Or at
least that is how her story goes.
She was in fact assigned to Cobb, the fact of Cobb’s suicide will not be a black mark against her.
And now for her next assignment, she has been assigned to
Number 6.
She does in fact work for Number 2, and probably isn’t very fond of her work, that of “BETRAYAL”.
Assigned to Cobb she firmly believed that they were going to escape together, and on that basis she apparently made up to the helicopter pilot, this in order to obtain the Electropass. Or did she, it is quite possible that she was given the Electropass by her boss number 2, as suggested by Number 6.
But she tells Number 6 that she has not betrayed anyone. She does not intend to escape with number 6, she never intended to without Cobb. 
She was genuinely upset at Cobb’s funeral, she like Number 6 believe that Cobb is actually dead.
Number 9 is a woman who appears to have allowed herself to be used not only by Number 2, but also Cobb as well as the Helicopter pilot and number 6. It is as the Admiral {Number66} informs her “Were all pawns me dear.”
However she does seem genuinely sad and grieving, looking down onto Cobb’s funeral from the cliffs. Well she would not have known that Cobb’s death was a set up all along.
     Her position was one of permanent betrayal, her betrayal of others. She is not one to be trusted, perhaps her conscience is clear for her to be able to sleep at night.

The Doctor Number ?

Height….. 6feet {approx}
Weight….. 160lbs {approx}
Hair……… grey with a grey moustache
Age……... Late fifties {approx}
Nationality…. English speaking
 who carries out a medical upon Number 6, but who then still relies heavily upon the computer telling him via a perforated printout card, that number 6 is ’absolutely fit!’
How he is able to actually read a perforated computer print out card is unknown!
Village attire, a white smock with a grey polo neck jersey, grey trousers and white shoes, this, as you will see later is the basic uniform of medical men in the hospital.
He neglects to wear his penny farthing badge.

Medical Orderly Number ?

Height….5 feet 5 inches {approx}
Weight…145 lbs {approx}
Age…….. Thirties {approx}
Nationality.. . English speaking
Village attire, white coat, grey polo neck jersey, grey trousers and white shoes.
Subordinate to the doctor, who also neglects to wear his badge!

Medic Number ?

Height….5 feet 10 inches {approx}
Weight…150 lbs {approx}
Hair…….Dark brown with a beard.
Age……  Thirties {approx}
Nationality…. English speaking
Wears a surgical gown!!!

The Maid – Number 66

Height……. 5feet 3 in {approx}
Weight…… 120lbs      {approx}
Age………. Early to mid twenties {approx}
Hair………. Blonde
Nationality… unknown, it is possible that she was born in the village, English speaking
Village attire, a blue dress with white lace edged sleeves, a white apron, a white sailor’s cap and flat shoes.
Young and little flirtatious, she opens her gambit with a broad warming smile, she is quite obviously a plant placed in the Prisoner’s cottage as part of an early attempt to gain the secret of the prisoner’s resignation. This by trying to get the prisoner to make a deal with her, she tells him that if he gives her some kind of information, they will let her go, she even feigns breaking down in front of the prisoner, turning on the tears in order to gain his sympathy.
However convincing she might have been, her act is seen through by the prisoner and is told that her services will not be required tomorrow! She leaves the cottage in something of a huff, as this is probably the first time in which she has failed!
    Number 66 might have been putting on an act in order to gain the necessary information, however there is no need to think that she was in fact lying when she answers the prisoner’s questions;
    “How do you stop this thing?” {the music}.
    “We can’t”
    “Why not?
    “It’s automatic.”
    She doesn’t know who controls it, or who runs the village, she really doesn’t know, why should she, being a small cog in the machine that she so obviously is. She has never wondered, she has never tried to find out, having found out that it’s wiser not to ask questions, and keeps to the saying that “A still tongue makes a happy life.”
    Number 66 has been in the village for as long as she can remember, her parents having died when she was a child, which strongly suggests that she was actually born here in the village.
She certainly knows the ways of the village, she doesn’t know how many people have escaped, but that some have tried, that they have been brought back, but not always alive!
    The supervisor remarked to the new Number 2 that he thought the maid was most convincing, he felt sure she was going to pull it off. And in so saying it could be argued that the maid was lying about herself.
But then why should she, what had the maid to gain by lying to the prisoner about herself? No, the maid In fact had much too gain by telling the prisoner the truth about herself, this to gain his confidence, to get him to trust her. In fact the more honest she is with the prisoner, the more convincing she would appear to be.
Number 66 is obviously afraid of something even though she tells the prisoner that she is afraid of nothing, that she has said too much, this before finally breaking down in front of him.
    The fact of this citizen having the same number as the Admiral, is probably down to an administration error.

The Admiral – Number 66

   An elderly citizen of the village who resides in the old peoples
Height…. 5feet  10inches {approx}
Weight… 180lbs {approx}
Age……. 60
Hair……. grey
Nationality…. English speaking
A keen chess player, he is often waiting an opponent.
He has been in the village a long time.
Brought to the village because of the information he possesses.
He gives the impression that he is somewhat senile.
‘Try the boat, good in any weather, sailed her many a time’ referring to the stone boat, which is part of the quayside and couldn’t sail anywhere even if it wasn’t!
Then on the other hand the Admiral is quick witted enough to inform number 9 that ‘were all pawns my dear!’
So perhaps the image of this old senile man is a false one, and in that it is the Admiral’s way to maintain his sanity, in this crazy community of the village.
Then again it is possible that the bouts of senility only occur spasmodically, brought about by years of mistreatment and the drugs used against him.
It is curious to observe that he has the same number as the maid 66, and begs the question ‘who was issued that number first?’
Village attire,  a British navel cap, his penny farthing badge covering the cap badge itself, black and red stripped jersey, flannel trousers and deck shoes.
Although he shows a keen mind when playing chess with number 6, the Admiral does show signs of feeble mindedness. When he tells Number 6 “try the boat. Good in any weather, sailed her many a time.” Of course the Admiral is referring to the stone boat, part of the quayside.
It is possible the feeble mindedness could be simply signs of old age, then again perhaps due to past constant interrogation and treatment at the hands of the village authorities.

The Taxi Driver – Number 18

Height……… 5feet 4inches {approx}
Weight……..  110lbs {approx}
Age………… late twenties {approx}
Hair………… Black
Nationality…. Oriental,
Village attire, a red and white stripped jersey and white sailors cap, white slacks and flat shoes.
She is cheery and seems on the surface, comfortable with life in the village.
      This person demonstrates the just how cosmopolitan the village really is. Not only because the girl is oriental, it is also the fact that she address the prisoner in French. Thinking he maybe a Pole of Cezch.
He is young, perhaps born in the village, one cannot understand what possible circumstances would there be to have her brought to the village, if she was a prisoner.
Being given a job as a taxi driver, would indicate that Number 18 is not
a prisoner.

The Labour Exchange Manager – Number 20

Height…. 5feet 11inches {approx}
Weight…. 200lbs {approx}
Hair……. Light brown
Age……. Late thirties {approx]
Nationality… English speaking
Village attire, grey tails, as in morning dress, white shirt and tie. A grey top hat rests upon his desk.
He asks the prisoner some in depth questions while toying with a strange cogged wheeled contraption. But after the prisoner storms out of his office, Number 2 informs him that he can get all he needs from the file he has!

The Supervisor – Number 28
Height…… 5feet 10 inches {approx]
Weight…..  160lbs  {approx}
Age………. Middle aged {approx}
Hair……… Balding
Wears spectacle’s, suggesting long sightedness
Nationality… English speaking
Village attire,  black double breasted blazer, olive green polo neck sweater, grey trousers and deck shoes.
Wears a gold ring on the little finger of his right hand
    His domain is the control room where his authority is unquestioned except by Number 2. He is one of the big wheels in the machine, rather than a cog or pawn. Rarely does he show any emotion and can be as cold as stone. His range of vision extending far from his domain of the Control Room, as the close up of his eye might suggest. At times he delivers facts to Number 2 in a rather brusque tone. Sometimes loudly and with authority. Through the elaborate surveillance system of cameras and microphones, there is nothing that he and his team of observers cannot see and hear. He takes instructions from his superior number2 who he seems second to in the chain of command to.
The Supervisor is a capable and confident man, able to work on his own initiative. who is happy with giving orders as well as taking them. And confident with the state of the art technology at his finger tips. And that includes the village guardian, for it is the supervisor’s job to initiate an ‘Orange Alert’ and release the guardian from its containment area somewhere below the sea.

Café Waitress – Number 264

Height….. 5 feet 3 inches {approx}
Weight….. 130lbs {approx}
Hair……… light brown
Age……… 50 {approx}
Nationality…  English speaking
Village attire, a black dress with lace cuffs and neck, together with a white apron and flat shoes.
Speaks quietly and politely, saying that ‘we’ll be open in a minute’ and telling him the name of this place the Village! As well as informing him that they haven’t got a police station.
She kindly informs the Prisoner that they haven’t got a police station.
And that there inst a telephone, but directs him to a call box around the corner.
Yes a kindly person, who takes the prisoner’s questions in her stride. Perhaps she has seen it all before, and to her this time is no different than any other.

The Shopkeeper – Number 19

Height……5feet 9 inches {approx}
Weight….. 220 lbs  {approx}
Hair……… dark
Age……… mid thirties {approx}
Nationality…  English speaking
A rather portly man.
Village attire, a straw boater, grey polo neck jersey, black trousers and a blue and white stripped apron and deck shoes..
A man who is happy in his work, keeps his shop neat and tidy, knows where to put his hands on anything the customer asks for.
He will sell the customer anything, but is careful to explain that to buy a colour map is much more expensive than a black and white one!
This means he takes care of his customers, even potential new ones!
As the Prisoner enters his shop, Number 19 is speaking a foreign language to a female customer. But as soon as he sees the prisoner, he then goes on to speak to the female customer in perfect English with no sign of an accent.

The Electrician & Gardener – Number’s ?

Height….. 6 feet {approx}
Weight…. 190lbs  {approx}
Hair…….. bald
Age…….. mid forties {approx}
Nationality…. English speaking 
Village attire, dove grey overalls, light grey polo neck jersey and deck shoes.
Both identical twins, why twins should be brought to the village is unknown. They could be clones, or have possibly born here in the village.
      The Gardener obviously has a fondness for his job and a clear love of plants ‘careful sir, their new’, he warns number 6.
      The Electrician, “in an emergency” walks to where he is needed, the tractor he drives being a bit slow.
Both are well spoken and polite.

Hospital Visitor – Number ?
Height….5 feet 4 inches {approx}
Weight…160 lbs {approx}
Age…….. sixties {approx}
Nationality…. English speaking
Wears a pink nightdress and blue dressing gown, but no penny farthing badge.
It is possible that she herself is a patient, but also a hospital visitor from another ward, perhaps ward “B”.

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