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Tuesday 28 August 2012

Prisoner Fans - They’re Everywhere!

   When I was taken ill just over four years ago, this resulted in my being diagnosed as being diabetic, yet ‘the Prisoner’ was never very far away, just a finger touch away you could say.
    A paramedic and two ambulance crew who arrived at my home on the day I was taken into hospital were fans of ‘the Prisoner,’ so they all got signed copies of my book ‘the Prisoner Variations.’ For even in my weak and feeble state, as I was being medically checked over by the paramedic, we managed to talk about ‘the Prisoner.’
   And in hospital there were patients, nurses and doctors, who though were not fans of ‘the Prisoner’ series, knew about it. And as I was being nursed back from the grave would ask me questions about ‘the Prisoner.’
   I was only in hospital a few days, such was my improvement in health due to the wonderful work of doctors, nurses, and the whole medical team on my hospital ward. And then on my last day in hospital I was waiting for the doctors rounds to see whether or not I could go home.
    I was very nervous as I watched the five doctors go from one patient to another on the hospital ward, as some were told they could go home that day, and that others who could not.
   Anyway, after the doctors had dealt with the patient in the bed before me, the five doctors, sounds a bit like ‘Doctor Who’ doesn’t it, went away to discuss things at a desk which was just within my hearing, because I heard my name mentioned, and so thought they would be discussing my case. But none of it, because as one doctor pointed out to the specialist about myself and the Prisoner, and that is what they discussed for a few moments – ‘the Prisoner’ and kept looking at me! yes even the head doctor of the hospital knew of both ‘Danger Man’ and ‘the Prisoner’ and we had a fine old chat about it, after my case was discussed with me first of course, and the decision made that I could go home that afternoon. As the head doctor walked away from my bed he turned, gave the village salute and said "Be seeing you" as indeed did I.
   Prisoner fans - they're everywhere!!!!!


  1. How would another Prisoner fan, such as myself, get hold of an autographed copy of your book "Prisoner Variations?"

    1. Hello Dweller of the Crag,

      As a matter of fact from me, with an inscription of your own choosing. If you email me at we can discuss it.

      Kind regards
      Be seeing you