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Tuesday 21 August 2012

Village Observation

 It’s Something Of A Puzzlement
   The language spoken by this young gypsy woman spoken to the Prisoner. Is it true Romany, Polish, or perhaps Czech?
  I have tried to identify the language spoken by the young gypsy woman to the Prisoner, but it all depends on how the phrase "Donderon doi doi" is spelt for example. There is of course, every possibility that it is true Romany spoken. I don't think it is made up, as in the case of the language spoken by Number 58 in ‘Free For All’ for example.
  Perhaps there is someone out there who can understand what the spoken language is?

Many Happy Returns
    The episode written by Anthony Skene, originally with No.6 having escaped the village, he was to have been picked up by a Russian trawler, and on board a Russian Princess. And there was to have been a romantic liaison between the two.
   Pat McGoohan would have soon had this written out of the script. And in any case, what was a Russian Princess doing on a Russian Trawler? As for the Russian Trawler, we know precisely what that would have been up to, and it wasn't fishing. Well it for information for information that it!
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