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Saturday 25 August 2012

Village Observation

 Number 6 certainly eats and drinks well, if the contents of his refrigerator is anything to go by, a whole roasted
chicken, large Salami sausage, milk, cheese, two bottles of wine, cream, fresh vegetables, and fresh eggs with
the red British Lyon stamp mark which proves that at least some eggs do come from outside the Village. Had the
eggs been produced on the Village farm, then I would have expected them to have been stamped with a little
Penny Frthing bicycle!
   As for the logo on the refrigerator, well its an
  Well I suppose the Village Administration had to get their household appliances supplied from somewhere.
Yet that one little red logo is proof that the Village is on the west side of the Iron Curtain! But then in 'Colony
Three' of 'Danger Man,' the all English town of Hamden, which is situated on the Russian Steppes, had English
newspapers. So this logo is proof of nothing..................damn it!


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