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Monday 20 August 2012

The Therapy Zone

A B and C


Hair…. Black
Height…..  6feet 1 inch {approx}
Weight…. 180 lbs {approx} Moustache
Age….. early 40’s
Nationality… British
    He and the Prisoner worked for the same reasons, on the same side once.
Well dressed and has a taste for the finer things in life. But that takes money, and he does that by buying and selling secrets. He is now about to acquire the prisoner, or so he thinks!
A smoker.
    He is a double agent or one that has crossed from one side to the other, one who draws in news of old friends from far and wide. And news of old friends travels quickly!
    Once a friend of the prisoner and possible colleague, now he finds himself on the opposite side, but yet still doing the same job, but for different reasons!
   He is convinced that his old friend has something to sell, and he is in the market to buy it. Whatever it is, he is eager to find out.
    So unscrupulous is this man that he doesn’t even draw the line at kidnapping his old friend and colleague. Besides he is saving himself money!
   He is a man used to getting that which he wants and will go to any lengths in order to obtain it. However on this occasion, he misses out, being beaten by a better man than he!
It has been a long time since the two have met, but not long enough in the prisoner’s case. Indicating that ‘A’ may very well be a traitor, a defector.
And that is why the prisoner despises him, treating him with disdain. But perhaps for some reason of his own, will not take action against him.
‘A’ made world news some years ago, by defecting!
The only thing which he and the prisoner have, is that they both attended Madame Engadines celebrated parties. But this was the first time that they had met at these parties.


      Is an old friend of the Prisoner’s, indeed they seem very much at ease with one another.
She is a very attractive female spy, and a very good one, from a long line of spies. Perhaps it runs in the family, or a line of spies developed by the Russian’s perhaps! Wears a very garish dress, and speaks with a very pronounced foreign accent.
Aged in her mid thirties
Hair…. Long dark brown
Height….. 5 feet 7 inches {approx}
Weight…. 130 lbs {approx}
Nationality… unknown, a foreign accent
So much her friendship with the prisoner that he will help her, she knows that!
But exactly what was her relationship with the prisoner?
The last time they met was in Switzerland. But it seems that she ran out of whatever the situation was at the time.
To ‘B’ ‘A’ is an enemy!
She was married at one time, but now a widow, her husband dying some 4 years ago.
 She has a son somewhere.
The prisoner has knowledge of the son, but there is no mention of a son in here file that the village has upon her!
She is a very good dancer, but so then was Marta Hari!
Death to her is an occupational hazard. But when it comes down to it, she is as frightened as anyone would be, in her situation! She desperately tries to get the secret of the prisoner’s resignation so that she has something to bargain with.
However she is quickly seen through by the prisoner, she not being the woman that she pretends to be!
In the end ‘B’ is left to her own fate!


  As for ‘C’, well all that is known is that the person attends Madame Engadine parties, and is known to be French.
The first indication is that ‘C’ is in fact Engadine herself, and number 2 is quick to latch onto that, she will now be brought to the village!
Because what better person to have as a spy and who better placed, with so many foreign agents, diplomats’ possibly Ambassadors and various celebrities of all kinds attending her celebrated parties. Gathering information through bribery and black mail!
However Engadine is only a contact, she is not ’C’.
No it is a man of mystery who turns out to be ‘C’ in the end. None other than Number 2 himself! In number 6’s dream that is.
    Even though we see this other side to the prisoner through his dreams, this did happen. Which bodes the question ‘in what kind of circles did the prisoner move? All who attended Madame Engadines celebrated parties, were the rich and influential, with perhaps a few unseemly characters thrown for good measure!
When the prisoner first arrived at the party, many people know him, they warm to him and smile, others, to whom he does not speak, point him out.
So is their a professional reason for the prisoner to attend these parties? It would take money or influence to attend such parties. Especially when such parties would be several times a year!
Certainly Engadine’s parties would be a good place to meet the rich and influential, to pick up information etc.
Obviously this was not the first of such parties the prisoner had attended, Engadine knew him too well for that, they are old friends.
    He dispatches his enemies together with their henchmen, with remarkable ease.
He feels no pain at leaving ‘B’ to her fate.
But yet he has a wicked sense of humour, ‘haven’t they killed you yet?’ he says to a woman with long brown hair. Only it is not the woman he was thinking of!
He is quick to see through ‘C’, as it is the prisoner who is in control now. He destroys number 2, by making him the hooded figure of ‘C’.
An ingenious man this Number 6!

The Butler
  We learn that the Butler is not mute. That he telephones Number 2 to announce
That Number 6 is there to see him. "Is he, send him in." It was the Butler who showed Number 6 into Number 2's office, and subsequently it must have been the Butler speaking to Number 2.
   Just because we do not hear the Butler speak, doesn’t mean he cannot speak. He might choose not to. Preferring to keep his silence, or not having anything worth saying!

Height…5 feet 4 inches {approx}
Weight...110lbs {approx}
Age…… Late twenties {approx}
Hair…… black
Nationality… Oriental
Village attire, red and white stripped jersey, with a white cap and white slacks and deck shoes.
  The second oriental woman, the first a taxi driver, and now a flower seller who meets everybody and makes it her business to know everything, !I know everything. I know whose sick, whose getting better."

Lucette – the French Maid
   Young and attractive woman, with black hair and wearing a short tight black dress, white lace apron.
   Not at all the sort of maid we are used to in the village!

The Maid Number
Height…… 5ft {approx}
Weight…... 120lb {approx}
Hair………. Auburn
Age………. Mid fifties
Attire, Blue dress and white apron. Blue canvas shoes, and wearing a white sailors hat. She is but one of a number of personal maids to No.6, who brings him his nightly cup of hot chocolate. A beverage which helps keep No.6, and other villagers asleep during night time.

Mrs Butterworth

Height……5feet 7 inches {approx}
Weight….. 140 lbs {approx}
Age………Late forties {approx}
Hair………Light brown
   A woman we meet later in the series, Mrs Butterworth/Number 2 in ‘Many Happy Returns.’ It seems that Number 6 has placed Mrs Butterworth in his dream because they have met before. She knows that the Prisoner’s number 6 Six. This he does by putting words in her mouth “Number six” she says “I just know it’s your lucky number.”
  It is difficult to say what this woman is in ‘A B and C,’ possibly a spy.

We continue next time with 'Free for All.'

Be seeing you

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