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Friday 24 August 2012

Pictorial Prisoner

   "Slippers" said the doctor on the occasion of the Prisoner medical.
   "My size?" the Prisoner enquired.
   "Naturally" replied the doctor.


 Well they would be wouldn't they, and used ones at that! They couldn't even find the Prisoner a new pair of slippers, given someone’s old cast-offs he was. Or were they? I shouldn’t wonder if this pair of used slippers were McGoohan's own! Much in the same way I shouldn’t wonder, that the pair of spectacles Number 6 found in the breast pocket of the white coat he wears in the episode ‘Dance of the Dead,’ were also McGoohan's own spectacles. If not, then the lenses would have had to have been plain glass so that he could see properly. But McGoohan to be wearing his own spectacles, that would make perfect sense.

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