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Thursday 16 August 2012

Why Did You Resign?

No.6 "I didn't accept, why did you accept?" he snaps.
No.2 "You resigned!"
"I rejected!"
"You accepted before you resigned."
"I rejected!"
"Why me?"

   That is part of the conversation between Number 6 and Number 2 during their deliberations in the Embryo Rooom of 'Once Upon A Time.' And it would seem that Number 6 rejected Number 2, that he has something against him but I don't know why. Unless of course we have been here before, and it was the village that No.6 rejected and not the person of Number 2. After all there seems to have been an amicable parting between them soon after their return to London. And it is also possible that they knew each other in a former working life outside the village, this is suggested in the line of dialogue when Number 6 says "I didn't accept, why did you accept?"
   It is my belief that Number 6, or sir as he became known, rejected the village in ‘Fall Out,’ then at the end of the episode we see the Prisoner on his way to hand in his resignation, after rejecting the village, this in turn confirms my belief that ‘Fall Out’ can easily be screened as the first episode of the Prisoner. There was no acceptance as Number 2 would have it. Number 2 who resisted for so short a time, before he himself accepted.

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