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Wednesday 22 August 2012

Thought For The Day

    There is the theory that ‘the Prisoner’ is all in the mind, created in the Prisoner’s mind that is. Well what kind
of mind would create such a community as the Village? I mean in such detail and with people he knows such as Cobb, the Colonel and Fothringay, and Dutton, to then create all those citizens he doesn’t know, to formulate escape plans then to carry them out in his mind, then there’s the village guardian, what kind of mind it is that creates something like that?
    Perhaps the Prisoner is someone like the Walter Mitty type of character to create this Village in his mind, to create it and then to reject and resist it, all for what and to what end?
“Would you say that Number Six was mad?”
Doctor- Director of Psychiatrics “Not according to our records.”
   No the Prisoner and the Village cannot be all in his mind. To create such the Village in one's mind, then to set
about torturing oneself as it were, well it would be as a persecution complex.
One would have to be mad to do all that……. wouldn’t he?

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