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Sunday 26 August 2012

The Therapy Zone

The General
Profiles continued

Number 6
      The Prisoner’s motivation this time is not for escape, but to discover the identity of The General. And for the first time Number 6 has found a confederate, or rather a confederate has found him, from within the machine of the village, from within administration, Number 12.
    Normal Village attire, save for the attire of a Top Hat Official, black top hat, black suit, white shirt, black tie, dark glasses, black overcoat, along with the penny farthing badge number 56.
    Number 2 maybe an old friend of Number 6’s, but Number 6 makes no reference to this himself. Perhaps he because he remembers their previous encounter, and besides one number 2 is very much like any other!
    As he makes nothing of a prior encounter with this particular Number 2, nor does he give any kind of reaction when he uncovers the bust of a former Number 2. Which is surprising, when you consider the rapport which the two of them enjoyed during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben.’
    Number 6 is not one of the Professor’s students.
    His own particular subject being generals and that sort of thing, but also has a talent for drawing and sketch work.
    He thinks a university degree in three minutes “improbable” and that nothing in this place is impossible!
    He becomes interested in the figure being pursued along the beach by citizens. And then even more so after discovering the tape recorder buried on the beach. A tape recorder with an urgent message from the professor on it!
    He has still manages to maintain his wit and humour.
    “Why not get you’re man to look in the wardrobe” knowing full well there is nothing to be found.
    “Who isn’t, you prefects?” he quips with the two men on the beach.
    And when asked what he is doing on the beach, “playing truant!” he quips.
    Number 6 also taunts Number 2 on several occasions, during the sweep of his cottage, “About this big was it?” returns Number 6 demonstrating with his hands.
     However even though he is not a student he is unable to help himself as he sits in front of the television set, as the professor’s lecture is transmitted.
    Asked by number 2 if he enjoyed the lecture? Number 6 responds “What lecture?”    
    And then answers Number 2’s questions put to him without thinking, much to his own surprise! As he does during the evenings Speedlearn celebrations, when interviewed by Number 225, a television reporter.
    He enjoys his rapport with Number 2, even though he taunts and mocks him at times.
    Number 6 does not reject his number, nor does he accept it. However he does accept its use by other citizens, he seems to be almost comfortable with others calling him Number 6.
    Perhaps being a number is becoming not so much of a problem to him. After all there is much more at stake here!
    Number 6 being the inquisitive sort, only attended the seminar in order to find out more about the general and the professor of course. He tends to mock the seminar, not understanding what some of the students are doing, tearing up a book perhaps or standing on her head or simply asleep! Number 6 also sees the iron of ‘creation out of destruction’ as the professor’s wife tears his military picture of herself in half.
He is quick to pounce on the slightest thing which can be used against the village.
He has a keen conscience of what is right and wrong. And with the aid of his confederate Number 12, soon gets to work against Number 2 and the village.
Although at first he does not trust number 12 or Number 2 and his tame professor,
Number 6 only trusts himself. However had it not been for Number 12 and his position within administration, Number 6 would not have got anywhere near the general’s office. And in so doing number 6 is able for the first time to get into the very heart of the Town Hall. Only once to date has he got as far as the council chamber.
    Number 6 is ordered to report to Number 12’s office tomorrow morning. Number 6 with have face the full penalty for such an act of sabotage. It could be a fine or imprisonment!
    A fine means nothing and imprisonment can only mean solitary confinement!
    Number 6 will take the fine. Perhaps he doesn’t fancy his own company for several weeks!
    Number 6 is still as tough and strong as ever, he must be using something in order to keep himself in shape. He dispatched the pair of security guards with ease together with the aid of a truncheon!
    He also has his wits about him when approaching the second security check point, wily enough not to try and go through what looks to be nothing much at all. But soon discovers an electrical force field via the use of his leather document case.
And for the first time we see number 6 in disguise, and how easily his appearance can be changed as well as his ability to blend in.
     Number 6 does not take advantage of the deal offered to him by Number 2, in exchange for the recorder, simply because he has not got it. The recorder is still buried on the beach, besides which he has yet to hear the urgent message from the professor!
      Perhaps for the first time during his time in the Village, we see a glimpse of steadfastness to wards another member of the community, Number 12. When in the generals office, as Number 2 is about to demonstrate the generals infallibility to all present, Number 6 can see that the game is about up for Number 12. So as quick thinking as ever Number 6 diverts Number 2’s attention from Number 12, by laying down a challenge.
    “There is a question which the General cannot answer!’ states Number 6. That question is……… WHY?
    Number 6 latched onto a phrase said by Number 2 “given the basic facts.” With the question why? There is so little detail, there are no basic facts!
However here there is the opportunity for the prisoner to try and find out the identity of number 1. But once again with little or no basic detail it would have been a pointless exercise to do so.

Supervisor – Number 28
      Number 2 is not the only one to make a return to the village.
The bald headed, bespectacled Supervisor-Number 28 is once again back in his domain of the control room.
    Village attire, plain black blazer, olive green polo neck jersey, grey trousers and deck shoes.
    Quiet, competent and able is this particular Supervisor. Weather he has been away from the village is uncertain. It may simply be the case that he has been the night time Supervisor for a while, depending on shift patterns worked of course. But there is certainly no mistaking his authority in the control room. His voice is somehow familiar and reassuring, in a strange sort of way.
      Nothing seems to effect this mans calm exterior. However he does exclaim surprise at seeing number 6 at the seminar. ‘Why it’s Number 6!’
Why should he be surprised at seeing Number 6 at the seminar?
Number 2 thought it only odd!

The Butler
 His appearance is but a brief one in the episode in the Board Room, pouring out a glass of milk for his master.

Television Anchor Man - Number 225
      This man is a member of the village media, both anchor man and reporter for the villages television station.
Height…. 5feet 8 inches {approx}
Weight…. 170 lbs {approx}
Hair……. Black with a moustache
Age……. Mid thirties {approx}
Nationality…. English speaking
Village attire, plain black blazer and green polo neck jersey, fawn trousers and deck shoes.
To the citizens/students, he is the front man to Speedlearn as far as the village television station is concerned.

The Doctor – Number 125
Height….. 6 feet {approx}
Weight…. 170 lbs {approx}
Hair…….. black
Age…….. mid to late forties [approx}
Nationality… English speaking
Village attire, white smock and grey polo neck jersey, grey trousers and white shoes, as all members of the male medical staff.
      A doctor who is most attentive to the professor, who seems to be his only patient and who we never so much near the hospital.
His ethics as a doctor are like the doctors before him…… questionable!
According to number 6, when it comes to treating the professor, he has the wrong end of the stick!

The Waiter Number 26
Height…. 5feet 8inches {approx}
Weight…. 130 lbs {approx]
Age……. Late fifties – early sixties {approx}
Hair…….. White
Nationality….  English speaking 
Village attire, white coat, white shirt, black tie and black trousers and deck shoes
Should have retired into the old people’s home years ago, possibly feels that such a move would be the beginning of the end for him.
Possibly just likes to keep active.
Credit cards are clipped in the fashion of WW2 ration cards.

Electrician- Number 211
Height…. 6 feet {approx}
Weight…. 220 lbs {approx}
Hair……. Black
Age……. Late Forties {approx}
Nationality…. English speaking
Village attire yellow overalls, grey polo neck jersey, deck shoes
Gold wedding ring on third finger of left hand
An efficient operator in the village, who is clearly good at his job as an electrician, yet once he has discovered the deliberate short circuit across the contacts, he informs number 12 of Administration that a 2-D replacement. I should have thought a new light bulb would have been more in order!

Projection Operator -  Number 80
Height…. 5 feet 11 inches {approx}
Weight…. 165 lbs {approx}
Hair…….. Black
Age…….  Early Thirties
Nationality… English speaking
Village attire white medical tunic, black trousers, black shoes, head set
Doesn’t take number 2’s word for it when presented with the new micro lecture, he asks number 2 if this has been cleared by the Board.

Security Guard-Number 213
Height…. 5 feet 10 inches {approx}
Weight…. 190 lbs {approx}
Hair…….. Unknown
Age…….. Mid forties
Nationality… Unknown
Village attire blue overalls, white Pith helmet, dark blesses, white gloves, white boots

Security Guard – Number 114
Height…. 5 feet 10 inches {approx}
Weight…. 180 lbs {approx}
Hair…….. Unknown
Age……. Late thirties {approx}
Nationality… Unknown
Village attire blue overalls, dark glasses, white Pith helmet, white gloves, white boots

Prefect - –Number 256
Height…. 6 feet {approx}
Weight…. 200lbs {approx}
Age…….. mid to late forties
Hair…….. grizzled with a full beard
Nationality…..  English speaking
Village attire, a bright red cap, black and orange stripped jersey with grey flannel trousers and deck shoes
He together with his colleague number 234 are two Gaudians or “prefects” as number 2 calls them, rounding up errant students, such as Number 6.
An upright member of the community.

Prefect – Number 234
Height…. 5feet 10 inches {approx}
Weight…. 145 lbs {approx}
Age…….. late thirties {approx}
Hair……..  Black
Nationality… unknown
Village attire, a white cap, grey polo neck jersey, fawn trousers and deck shoes.
Like his colleague, he is a heavy, sent out to round up errant students.

Members of The Educational Board
   To whom Number 2 is held responsible for the expriement of Speedleard.

Next time Many Happy Returns

Be seeing you

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