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Wednesday 22 August 2012

The Therapy Zone

Free For All

Labour Exchange Manager – Number 20
Height….. 5feet 10 inches {approx}
Weight…. 150lbs {approx}
Age………Middle aged
Hair…….. grey
Wears spectacles suggesting long sightedness.
Nationality….English speaking
Village attire, dressed in grey tails, a morning suit you might say, white shirt and tie, with black shoes in his most impressive office at the labour exchange. He is also an adept interrogator, so much so that he tells Number 6 what is in his mind “That if he took over the Village that he would be able to control an organised breakout.”
He is friendly and genteel, he tells Number 6 that he could be a friend. Certainly at first he seems sympathetic towards Number 6. But the community must live and so must Number 6.
    He knows all about Number 6, the fact that he gave up sugar some four years and three months earlier on medical advice, in fact he has everything written down about Number 6 in a thick bound leather ledger.
He approves of Number 6’s honesty, as honesty attracts confidences and confidences are the core of our business. After all see how honest ‘he’ is being with him!
Will he vote for Number 6? Of course, he dons a white 6 rosette.
However when the new Number 2 speaks to him briefly on the telephone, Number 20 doesn’t sound quite so friendly. Perhaps he didn’t like being disturbed whilst he was doing his paper work!

Tally Ho Reporter – Number 113

Height…. 5feet 6 inches {approx}
Weight…. 145 lbs {approx}
Age…….late fifties {approx}
Hair……. Grey with a moustache
Right handed
Nationality… English speaking
Village attire, a blue baseball cap, light grey blazer with black piping grey trousers and deck shoes, an Olive green polo neck jersey, and a black number 6 rosette on his left lapel, but neglects to wear his penny farthing badge!
    The reporter asks the candidate number 6 some in depth questions, to which he writes down his own answers in his note book.
This reporter regardless of what the candidate says, writes down that which he thinks the citizens, the electorate, wants to hear.
He has little or no regard for the truth, writing what he thinks his readers want to read.

Photographer – Number 113b
Height…. 5 feet 6 inches {approx}
Weight…. 125 lbs [approx}
Hair…….. brown
Age…….. Thirties {approx}
Right handed
Nationality…. English speaking
Village attire, a dove grey cap, pink blazer with black piping, light grey and white jersey, and light grey flannels and deck shoes
A black number 6 rosette adorns his blazer lapel, however they both neglect to wear their penny farthing badges!
 One is the photographer for the Tally Ho, ‘smile’.
He is the identical twin of the printer of the newspaper, using the strange Tally Ho printing device.
    This is the second occasion when we have been confronted by identical twins in the village, even down to the village costume, each being dressed identically as the other. This being the usual case with identical twins!
Perhaps it is the case that identical twins are even less the individual than any of us here in this community.
The only question being, which of them is which?

Operator of The Tally Ho Dispenser – Number 113c

Height…. 5feet 6 inches {approx}
Weight…. 125 lbs {approx}
Hair…….. light brown
Age…….. Thirties {approx}
Right handed
Village attire a dove grey cap, pink blazer, light grey and white jersey, and light grey flannel trousers and deck shoes
A black rosette adorns his blazer lapel
He operates the quirky Tally Ho printing device and is the identical twin of number 113b
    If Number 113b was abducted to the village, why then abduct his twin brother, if he is indeed the twin brother of Number 113b.
    Or perhaps it is the case that they both either came to the village voluntarily, or were both born here in the village.

Waitress - Number 235
Height…. 5feet 2 inches {approx}
Weight…. 128 lbs {approx}
Hair……..  Medium Brown
Age…….. Early twenties {approx}
Nationality… English speaking
Village Attire, white sailors hat, colourful stripped cape, purple jersey, light grey slacks and deck shoes.
Due to her early age it is possible that this girl was another of those citizens who were born in the village, other wise why should such an innocent looking girl either come to the village of her own volition or indeed be abducted to the village?
Certainly she is well indoctrinated into the beliefs of the village
“Sir, non alcoholic Gin, Whisky, Vodka and tastes the same.”
“Bet you cant get me tiddly?”
“No alcohol here sir.”
“You going to vote for me?”
“You and only you.”
“Go away.”
“Gin Whisky Vodka, looks the same and tastes the same!”

Scientist and Brewer –-Number ?

Height…. 5 feet 5 inches {approx}
Weight…. 145 {approx}
Age……. late forties {approx]
Hair……. Medium brown
Nationality… English speaking
The man is either a Scientist of Chemist of some kind, and so it appears a quite able “Brewer”.
Village attire, a black and white stripped apron, black trousers and an over large dark green pullover and deck shoes.
    Inside the cave paraffin lanterns hang from the rocky ceiling. The table and chairs are old and dark, a couple of which had been roughly put together, save for the pair of dirty wicker chairs. Shelves contain roughly hewn drinking vessels, there are bottles and old barrels scattered about the cave.
There is a metal workers forge and a home made “Still”, for brewing his illicit alcohol.
    Off in a side chamber is a table and chair, with two old looking bookshelves containing a few books, and a blackboard.
The scientist or chemist is left in peace, he brews his brew, plays with his chalk and ‘they’ come down once a week, photograph the stuff{his formulas and calculations} and clean his blackboard up for him so that he can begin on another lot.
    This man is something of a recluse, allowed to live in the cave away from the village, the “Therapy Zone” as number 2 puts it.
Why this man is allowed to live so, remains unexplained. He doesn’t even wear his penny farthing badge.
However it does seem clear that this man is an agent of the village, in the way he has prepared the drug used on number 6.
There will be no rememberances and proportions are exact to take him right through the elections.

Mechanic-Number ?
Height…. 6feet 6 inches {approx}
Weight…. 180 lbs {approx}
Hair…….. Black
Age…….. Thirties {approx}
Village attire dove grey overalls, deck shoes, vest. Grey tunic, grey trousers, white shoes
   A giant of a man who can surely take care of himself in a fist fight and who would have laid into the figure of number 6, as he clung onto the side of the boat, with a boat hook had it not been for the order of number 2
“Don’t do anything rash, give him time.”
Takes a beating and a drenching at the hands of number 6, but together with his colleague gets his revenge on number 6 in that cave somewhere off the green dome.

Mechanic-Number ?
Height…. 6feet {approx}
Weight…. 210 lbs {approx}
Hair…….. Medium Brown
Age…….. Early Thirties {approx}
Nationality…. English Speaking
Village attire dove grey overalls, deck shoes, vest. Grey tunic, grey trousers, white shoes.
Wears a positive badge early on, but which changes to a negative one later!!
Takes a beating and drenching at the hands of number 6, however he along with his colleague, gets his revenge upon number 6 by issuing a beating of their own!

Observer On The See Saw Device
Height……. It would clearly be difficult to say, as he’s sitting down
Weight……. Again it would clearly be difficult to say!
Hair……….. White
Age………. Late fifties
He puts me in mind of Boris Karloff!
Attire, black turtle neck sweater, black trousers and deck shoes.
  It is obvious that this man was once of the British Civil Service. As he remarks this to No.2 when he remarks “very good technique. Where did you get it?” “The Civil Service, adapted immediately.”

Members of The Local Council
 Both Male and Female.
Ages vary, but in general are middle aged.
      The council is made up by 12 members, with number 2 as head of the council.
Village attire, the council members are dressed in colourful stripped jerseys, or plain coloured jerseys but each wearing a black top hat and deck shoes.
Each council member stands perfectly still at his/her podium and each wears a black badge with a white canopied penny farthing and a white subdivided number 2. 2a 2b 2c 2d 2e 2f 2g 2h 2i 2j 2k 2l.
Although number 6 is permitted by number 6 to question the council members, they show no emotion what so ever, not even when they are referred to as ‘brainwashed imbeciles’. If so what was done to them to leave them in this state and why?
More than that not one of them utters not one single syllable!
It is quite possible that members of the council are indeed under the influence of some hypnotic drug of some kind.
As for their power to make decisions on behalf of the village and its citizens, it appears that number 2 is the only decision maker on the town council. So why are the other council members needed? Is it simply a demonstration of manipulation?
The town council maybe ‘elected’ once a year, but it has no power what’s so ever.
      The village may wish to appear as a ‘pocket democracy’, but the council members are merely puppets, and in some ways perhaps not even that, unable as they are to voice any opinion!

Men in the cave
  Very little so say really. Four men, middle aged, wearing different coloured overalls, and dark glasses, sat around the pulsating Village Guardian
    Is it a form of doctorination, or worship?

Next up in the profiling stakes is The Schizoid Man

Be seeing you


  1. Hello David

    What is the statue seen on the left of the Rover worship ?


    Mr. Anonymous

    1. Hello Mister Anonymous,

      I've been able to identify one or two statues seen in the Village, Voltaire and Darwin for example. But the one in the cave I have not been able to identify. That particular bust can also be seen among the two lines of busts and statues in 'Arrival' as the Prisoner makes his way through the woods. I think it's one of the busts lining the corridor in the Town Hall in 'Dance of the Dead. And in the office of Sir Charles Portland in 'Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.'


  2. Hello David

    I would seem if the personage of the bust could be identified it would go a long way to explaining the Rover symbolism. Do you have any clearer version of the bust?


    Mr. Anonymous

    1. Hello Mister Anonymous,

      I do have a clearer version of the bust, although I cannot post it in a comment. So I shall post it in a blog and call it 'Identification or Bust!' That way you will know which blog post it's in.
      However I'm not so sure that identifying the bust will lead to explaining the Rover symbolism. Although I could be wrong, but I feel that the bust sat upon a plinth may simply be part of the set dressing and holds no real significance as it does appear in other scenes in 'the Prisoner.'

      Kind regards
      Be seeing you