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Wednesday 15 August 2012

The Therapy Zone

    A few years ago I carried out research into 'the Prisoner,' and during my studies I carried out a large number
of profiling of the characters within 'the Prisoner' series. Now I am free to releases that work, and we begin
here with;

Arrival - Profile

Number 2

     It is a position which has been held by a succession of different people and as we have already seen, they can be here one minute and gone the next! How anyone secures, or is appointed to such a position is not at all clear. But once anyone is appointed, the trick is then to hold on to such a position. Many have tried, some have succeeded.
        Take this first number 2, {the first in this instance} a gentleman he real might have been, well spoken and polite, suave and charming with impeccable manners. Ex-public school you know the type, always wearing the old school scarf as many of them did, before and since. Polite and seemingly a kind sort of chap, he perhaps mask’s the darker side to the village which partly manifested itself through the white amorphous mass of the guardian. Not to mention the therapy treatment at the hospital.
Height….. 6 feet {approx}
Weight…. 160 lbs {approx}
Hair……... Black
Age……… Mid to late forties {approx}
Right handed
Nationality…. English speaking
Chief Administrator
Chairman of the village
Wears a signet ring on the little finger of his left hand
Village attire, black double breasted blazer, a handkerchief in the breast pocket, a grey polo neck jersey, grey flannel trousers, deck shoes and the old school scarf and carries about with him a furled umbrella shooting stick.
The position of number 2, is The Chairman and chief administrator.
Number 2 is also an interrogator.
But from where exactly are these people recruited?
Was number 2 himself a prisoner, before reaching the lofty position of number 2. Or was he recruited from outside the village? Perhaps he came here of his own free will!
Number 2 seems a most capable administrator. However he is answerable to an as yet unseen superior….. NUMBER 1.
As number 2 has perhaps only voice contact with number 1, does he know who the identity of number 1?
Why was this particular number 2 replaced so soon? Who can say, certainly not I, my masters seem to change with an altogether too often frequency. Perhaps it was simply the case of his term of office coming to an end. Surely it was not the maid’s failure to gain the prisoners trust and required information which brought about his sudden departure? It has been known.
In any case he was a most gracious host, one most fitting to introduce the prisoner to the village as he did, If not one to extricate the prisoner’s resignation secret. He is free with information regarding the village, but there is a limit to this information. At the first appearance of the guardian, the prisoner asks ‘what was that?’
‘That would be telling!’ retorts number2.
    He has an extensive file on the prisoner, however one piece of information are missing, the prisoners time of birth, and he didn’t know that the prisoner likes lemon tea, however his manservant did!
However he appears most gracious in welcoming the prisoner to the village, and in making him feel at home. Two words sum up this number 2, ‘cool and scheming.’

The New Number
    A man of a different calibre to that of his predecessor, dressed as he is in a piped blazer and blue turtle neck sweater as like number 6.
Height….. 6 feet {approx}
Weight…. 190lbs {approx}
Age……… mid to late forties {approx}
Hair………. Brown [thick and wavy}
Nationality… English speaking
Chief Administrator
Chairman of the village
Right handed
A mole on his left cheek
Wears a signet ring on the little finger of his left hand
Village attire, black piped blazer, blue turtle neck sweater, fawn trousers and deck shoes.
Not only chairman of the village, but also an expert manipulator, judging by the way he uses number 9. ‘Cool and brutal sum up this particular number 2.
It seems that there has been a change in leadership in the village.
Why? Is unknown, but one thing is certain, but it was certainly carried out swiftly.
 When number 6 storms into his office to protest about the death of his colleague Cobb, number 2 informs him that it is either’ them or us’. If you don’t give them what they want, they’ll take it! Reporting into a telephone number 2 says that ‘no extreme measures are to be used yet!’ Not so much the gentleman this number 2.
      He too engages the help of a woman, not to gain the information in the prisoners head. But simply to show number 6 that escape is not possible. Not merely an administrator, but also an adept interrogator!
Number2 is of course answerable to number 1.
It seems that for the moment no harm must come to number 6, ‘no extreme measures to be used yet!’

The Prisoner – Number 6
  A man who works for some government department as a high level security/intelligence officer, probably recruited from some where in the armed forces. His position is of a secret nature, a top secret and confidential job of the highest order, a man who is devoted and loyal to his job, shows great enthusiasm for his work. He had a brilliant career and an impeccable record. But something changes, in either himself or the job. It is this which probably the causes him to ultimately resign. The reason for his resignation he fights to keep to himself, for the time being at least. There is the possibility that during his time, he would perhaps have had to clear up other peoples mess. Having to do this might have put undue pressure upon him. After all now one likes to keep having to clean up the mess left by others now do we?
     After handing in his letter of resignation the prisoner returns home, he has two suitcases already waiting. In one he places some photographs, after collecting his passport and other travel documents visa, he is definitely doing a runner, going abroad it seems. The prisoner is on the move, and judging by the already pack suitcase’s, the matter of his resignation was not a spur of the moment thing. His resignation has been planned over a period of time.
But where exactly was he going?
And why was he in so much of a hurry to get away, perhaps he knew what was going to happen to him and was desperate to avoid those who were coming for him.
But he was too late, he is duly rendered unconscious via nerve gas and abducted to the village by a pair of undertakers, those he was so desperate to avoid. Gassed and unconscious he is placed inside and carried off in a coffin, then driven off in the back of a hearse! And then it is during an interview with number 2 that we begin to learn something of this man.
Name…… Unknown, could be Peter Smith, many believe it to be John Drake.
Height….. 6feet 2 ½ inches.
Weight…. 185lbs
Hair……..  Light brown 
Eyes……. Light blue
Date of birth…28th March 1928 4:31am.
Age………. 39.
Right handed
Nationality…… Irish – American {though lived his life in Britain from a very young age}
Matrimonial status…… engaged to Janet Portland.
Occupation…………… Civil Servant.
Salary…………………. £200 per month
Address…No1 Buckingham Place, Westminster, London.
Does not take sugar in his tea on doctor’s orders, prefers tea with lemon
Wears a charcoal grey two piece suit, black polo shirt, white vest, black elasticized sided boots.
Village attire brown blazer with off white piping, which in a certain light looks black, navy blue turtle neck sweater, fawn trousers, deck shoes
Issued with straw boater and black and white umbrella
Issued with an Identity card, Health and Welfare card, Credit Card and Employment card
A lover of classical music
Can discourse on any number of subjects
He has a working knowledge of codes and ciphers
He is able to pilot a helicopter.
Wears a black leather strapped wrist watch. Has the habit of wearing it in bed while he is asleep.
Is a master of deception and plays the game as well as anybody and better than most.
He has certain characteristics and mannerisms. One being that he always handle’s things delicately and precisely, another that he has certain facial quirks. And has a style of running all his own!
Received a classical schooling from which he graduated, he showed great sporting prowess in boxing, fencing and shooting. He was also good at figures, and moved into commerce. He was recruited into the Secret Service Banking system. His code name ZM73, other code names used by the subject, Schmitt in Germany. Duval in France, and possibly Peter Smith in other places!
He is a man who lives on his wits, brilliant at disguises and master at subterfuge.
A man who is quick to think on his feet, who is used to living by his wits.
However such a life would undoubtedly have an adverse effect upon him in some ways, because a man in his position would not be able to talk to his friends outside the field of his work. Only would he be able to discuss his work with the circle of friends and colleagues sharing the same position. If he felt that he could trust them of course.
He travels abroad a good deal, {having just returned from Singapore} probably in connection with his work.
His car was a kit car, a Lotus 7 which he built himself, which means he has to be mechanically minded. It would probably have taken him no longer than 48 hours to build the car.
The Lotus was built and registered in 1965, C being the registration letter for that year.
As well as holding a full driving licence, it is possible he also holds a helicopter pilots licence.
     This man is an individual, but at the same time inherently conservative and a pillar of the establishment. Who lives in a very large Georgian house, a man who accepts the status quo, he is speaks out only when certain circumstances connected with his job do not suit him.
     Then this man resigns and is abducted to the village. He wakes up in what appears to be his own home, but soon comes to realize that it is not his home at all. He is in a place he does not recognize at all.
    But this man was under surveillance long before he resigned, there was at least one camera in his home {behind the mirror}, so possible possibly there was something in his behaviour which had called for his being put under surveillance.
    He was to meet a guy called Chambers now late of the Foreign Office. He was going to meet Chambers, hoping to make him change his mind before the big boys found out. He waited and waited but he never turned up.
    After handing in his letter of resignation, the prisoner was it seems was in a hurry to avoid the same thing happening to him which had happed to Chambers.
So it appears that the prisoner was aware of what was about to happen to Chambers and in trying to make him change his mind would hopefully stop what was about to happen to Chambers. But Chambers never turned up, they had got to him first.
From the very beginning he is defiant at being given a number;
‘I am not a number, I am a person’ he tells the new number 2.
He is an individual who values his freedom;
‘I am not a number, I am a free man’ he bellows.
He rejects both his number as well as the village.
He will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered.
He first tries to escape the village, first by running away, over powering two men in a taxi and driving away along the beach. Then later attempting to steal the helicopter and there by making good his escape.
Number 6 is, self reliant inventive, has a strong sense of identity. Keeps women at arms length, few women in the village will get close to number 6. ‘Never trust a woman, not even the four legged variety’.
Number 6 has an active mind, is a keen chess player. He also keeps his body in good shape.
    We see a sample of his hand writing upon the desk pad…..
Things To Do Today:
Today’s Memoranda:
The thank you note for the flowers I can understand, but why write the second, ‘arrived today made very welcome’, unless it was a forgery by person or persons unknown to knock him off balance so to speak.
He is able to see through the maid almost straight away, her tears having no effect upon him.
Then there is number 9, apparently a friend to Cobb. The prisoner is affected by her tears at Cobb’s funeral. But later he sees her leaving number 2’s and realises that she has been assigned to him.
Wondering if it was her boss number 2 who gave her the “Electro Pass”.
He knows that she would betray him as she betrayed Cobb.
He refuses to compromise his ideas, and at first refuses to conform to ways of the village. But in the slowly in small ways comes to accept and at times even responds to his number!
Number 6 is a man who will fight for something he believes in and is at times capable of taking up the cause of others. He possesses a keen wit and strong sense of humour. And when he chooses to be, he can be quite charming, but never the less, at the same time, a quite ruthless adversary. He has an air of competence and self possession which can be quite frightening.
At times number 6 is quite happy to spend much of his time spent in his own company. But can be sociable when occasion demands. After all no man is an Island and it must be expected that the village will come knocking on his cottage door sometime!
It seems that for a period of time before his abduction, he was under surveillance by agents/authorities of the village. This raises the question of for how long and why?
At one time he goes to meet a guy called Chambers, possibly a colleague of his who he wants to get to change his mind before the big boys find out. However the village got to chambers first. Was the prisoner here cleaning up someone else’s mess for them? Is that why he resigned? He became fed up with being used by other people to meet their own ends?
In the labour exchange, he is faced with an aptitude test. A table has a square hole in it, The prisoner holds a round peg in his right hand. Slowly he lowers the round peg to the square hole, which abruptly changes its shape to that of a round hole!
The prisoner shows the usual shocked symptoms. Followed by accepted behaviour pattern, since then has been un-cooperative and distinctly aggressive, attempted to escape, subject proving exceptionally difficult.
But in the view of his importance, no extreme measures to be used yet.
So to the village this number 6 is of some importance. Perhaps they can use such a man of this calibre?
     While a prisoner in the village, number 6 will continue to probe, to seek weakness in those who hold him prisoner against his will. And is convinced that no matter how impossible escape may seem to be. One day he will escape and return to the outside world.

Number 1
      Who is this so far unseen superior of Number 2’s?
Number 1 would surely have absolute power over the village and its citizens.
Number 1 seems out of reach by ordinary citizens. When the new Number 2 is asked to get Number 1, the new number 2 responds that as far as he is concerned, he {Number 2} is in charge!
For the moment number 1 must remain a voice on the other end of the telephone!

The Butler

Height….   4 feet 3 inches {approx}
Weight….150 lbs {approx}
Hair…….. Black - balding
Age…….. late thirties
Nationality…. unknown
Village attire black tails, gloves and waistcoat, dark grey trousers, white shirt, black bow tie, black bowler hat and shoes, and black and white stripped umbrella. For outdoors add brown cape and black bowler hat.
The brown cape is in actual fact a colourful stripped cape worn inside out, well I wouldn’t want to look a fool now would I!
Happy in his work, perhaps the butler was born to it, his parents in service perhaps.
He is uncompromising, uncomplaining, a perfect example of servitude.
His name is never uttered once, nor does he wear any such badge denoting a number, this I have in common with Number 6.
He is the closest of all citizens to Number 2.
    A diminutive man he might be, but I am loyal to my master the Number 2, whoever he may be. Really I serve the Number 2, his master’s may change but the position always the same.
A butler or personal valet you may call me, perhaps even a gentleman’s gentleman.
Always in attendance I am, never very far away, showing visitors into his master’s office and always at his beck and call.
He knows just how Number 2 likes things to be, or rather how I like things to be, only it would never do to let Number 2 know that of course. You see it is a question of who is the master and who the servant? You see valets and gentleman’s gentleman {of any worth} know what their gentlemen want even before they have asked for it, and often know what’s good for their masters, better than the masters themselves!
He holds a helicopter pilots licence.
He erve without question, never answering back and tending to his every need.
Subservient he may be, but then I have lasted longer than most here in the village.
Gentle he is, knowing my place in the way of things here.
The Butler's residence is the green dome annex, a single apartment.
You may think me mute, but then perhaps I have nothing much to say for myself. You may recall the village saying, ‘A still tongue makes a happy life’.
    How long has the Butler  been in the village? Oh quite along time as it happens, and he appears to have been very happy as it goes. Well on the outside people took notice of me, for all the wrong reasons. Here in the village no one notices him, he fits in you see, in a strange sort of way.
The Butler is the perfect confidant for Number 2, discretion being my middle name, not only seeing all that goes on within the confines of the green dome, but also outside in the village. He has learned to keep secrets and confidences of all kinds, well how do you think he has lasted for so long in my position?
His master may not have known that the prisoner liked lemon tea, but I did or didn’t you notice that?
    He has something in common with Number 6, he doesn’t wear a bade either,After all I am only a little old butler!

We continue next time with Cobb and other characters from 'Arrival.'

Be seeing you


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