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Sunday 19 August 2012

The Therapy Zone

A B and C


Number 2

Height…..6 feet {approx}
Weight….. 170lbs {approx}
Hair……… light brown
Moustache. light brown
Age………. Late forties {approx}
Right handed
Nationality… English speaking 
Chief Administrator
Chairman of the village
Wear’s a signet ring on the little finger of his left hand.
Village attire, double breasted black blazer, grey polo neck jersey, with brown trousers and deck shoes
Purple silk dressing gown, light turquoise pyjamas and slippers
    His spectacles steel rimmed, he wears a signet ring on the small finger of his left hand. If he has one failing, it is that he is afraid of failure and the consequences that would bring.
    Being a milk drinker, would indicate that he is nursing a peptic ulcer, probably brought on by over worry and stress, or through not eating properly or drinking too much alcohol.
    He presents something of an unfit physical wreak, he tries to be in control, but seems not up to the job. But nothing can stop his single mindedness with the task in hand. Number 2 does have an over obsession for victory, believing Number 6 was about to sell out, had they not got to him first.
    This new Number 2, gives us the first clue as to who Number 1 might be….. He is a man! As during his telephone conversation he refers to the speaker on the other end as “Sir”.
   Number 2 uses all the technology at his disposal in order to obtain the reason for    Number 6’s resignation. Indeed he is prepared to go to any lengths to obtain it.
   He seems to care little or nothing for Number 6’s safety. If anything should go wrong then it is on his head! But the chance to gain Number 6’s resignation secret, out weighs the dangers. Because he has only three days in which to do it!! He has given his word, his guarantee to his superior number 1.
    He is afraid of failure, or rather what will happen to him, should he fail.
    This Number 2 does not have an assistant, unless you count the doctor-Number 14.
So on the outset he is confident of success, no doubt that this is due to what the doctor –Number 14 has told him of her ‘wonder drug’. So he places his trust in the doctor and this drug of hers.
    However Number 14 does warn her superior that the drug is untested on animals let alone humans. That she needs all of a week to prepare. But as Number 2 tells her, he hasn’t got a week and forces her to bring the experiment forward.
    So failure is not an option for this number 2, however he knows that he is not indispensable.
    Such is the stress that he is put under, that he is afraid each time that over sized red telephone begins to bleep.
   Exactly how long had this Number 2 been chairman of the village?
    During an interview with number 6, who says that ‘they haven’t seen very much of each other, to which Number 2 replies “I don’t spend all my time spying.” If he didn’t, then his predecessors did, and his successor will!
    When Number 6 shows him the puncture mark upon his wrist, number two’s first reaction is ignore it. He also appears to ignore the fact that number 6 knows that number 14 is a doctor.
    This Number 2 seems at first sympathetic towards the prisoner’s plight, in a clear attempt to allay any suspicions which number 6 might have about him. He tells Number 6; ‘Now all this nonsense about why you resigned! If people can’t chuck up a job things have come to a pretty pass’. But it is only a feint, in order to distract Number 6.
    Oh and should there be any confusion as to who called Number 2 and to whom he spoke about number 6 arriving at the green dome. It was, myself! Well who else would you expect to inform my master that he has a visitor to see him?
   This would indicate that this Number 2 has been in the village for some length of time. How long? Is the only question
    Number 14’s copy of the tally ho has the headline “Is Number 2 Fit for Further Term?”
So the was a question over Number 2’s health or competence. So open was this it was open for debate in the tally ho!!
‘A further term?’….. How long is a term of office? Until a Number 2 needs to be replaced!  
      During the experiment Number 2 is forever urging the doctor on, because he must make the most of every chance. Even to the extent of when the doctor wants to stop the experiment, the strain being too much for the patient. Number 2 forces the doctor to continue. But in the end he got it wrong or at least someone got the research wrong, because Number 6 was not selling out to anyone.
In the end the tables were turned on Number 2, Number 6 gets the better of him. And it is number 2 himself who he sees upon the screen as ‘C’.
   Number 2 has failed once again. But the whole of the failure cannot be laid upon Number 2, some of the blame must surely be taken by the doctor, Number 14. But then it is number 2 who is ultimately answerable for any such failure, even though the cause lies elsewhere!
    Number 2 in the end is mortified by his failure, only too aware of what the consequences it brings with it.
    For the first time Number 2 uses a combination of technology and a new super drug against Number 6 in order to find out the reason for his resignation. He is prepared to go to any lengths to acquire that which he seeks, even if that means putting the prisoner’s life in danger, worrying about any consequences later.
Perhaps if Number 2 had been a little more alert in the laboratory, the end result would have been a little different!
One thing is certain the failure is not that of his own, being let down by the doctor as he was. However one of the penalties of high office is that you have to take the can back even when it isn’t you’re fault.

The Doctor – Number 14

Age…. Early thirties {approx}
Height. 5feet 8 inches {approx}
Weight.. 140 {approx}
Hair…. Blonde
Eyes… Blue
Nationality…  English speaking
Village attire,  black and orange stripped jersey, fawn slacks, deck shoes and a colourful stripped cape. A white surgeons gown when working on her patient. 
Wears a wrist watch with a brown leather strap on her left wrist
Last week number 14 was an old lady in a wheelchair, she is new here and one of ‘them’!
The Doctor has a love of flowers, she is seen buying flowers from the flower stall. But having no one to buy her flowers, the Doctor buys them for herself.
    She has developed a new drug which injected into a subject allows access into the subjects dreams. To be able to manipulate them even, to feed him with pictures and a step further to feed him with words!
    Number 14 is a very cleaver doctor, verging perhaps on the side of genius. But however cleaver she maybe, she is like the rest of us, not averse to making the occasional mistake. “We all have to make mistakes, sometimes we have to’.
    That is a very curious statement to make indeed, and what is to be made of it? Why should anyone ‘have to make a mistake? Perhaps the good doctor makes mistakes in order to protect her patients against Number 2. After all she has to do her best to control the use of the drug on number 6, forcing Number 2 to realise that it is a very dangerous drug and the subject must rest 24 hours between doses.
Her first mistake happened in the laboratory, not the fact while lying upon the operating table, Number 6 opened his eyes and saw the doctor. Her face appearing on the wall screen, but her failure to report the incident to Number 2, who had not seen the incident his turned towards the screen at the time.
Had the doctor reported the said incident, then Number 2 could have dealt with it there and then, and so by doing the outcome of the experiment would have been different. Number 2 may very well have succeeded.
   At the Old Peoples Home, Number 6 sits down at her table “how does one talk to someone that one has met in a dream?” This is an indication that the doctor has inadvertently given number 6 a clue as to what maybe occurring. Then she uses the curious phrase “We all make mistakes, sometimes we have to.”
And then we come to the doctors second mistake, it was during the time that she was putting words into the mouth of ‘B’. Number 14 used that curious phrase of hers We all make mistakes, sometimes we have to.”
    The doctor’s third and final mistake was on her way to the laboratory, when she allowed herself to be followed. Which in itself is curious, because what were the observers doing at this time? Should they not have picked this up, one would have thought so, with so much surveillance!
     Considering the fact of surveillance and the observers, perhaps Number 14 felt safe in the knowledge that anyone who deemed to follow her would be picked up by the observers!
     But the observers didn’t pick up on Number 6. Had they done so, and reported this to their supervisor, he would then have reported to Number 2 who would then have been able to act upon the information and situation. Nor did the good doctor pick up on the third and final syringe, its contents now diluted. Would not the colour of the liquid now diluted, be paler than before?
    There is a case here for gross incompetence against the doctor.
    “He knew all the time. He was playing with you” comments the doctor.
Hardly surprising was it? And whose fault was that?
       However her superior is ultimately answerable for this failure, however the blame can be firmly placed at the feet of the doctor Number 14. But a word with the supervisor and the observers would not go amiss!
    Her superior must ultimately answer for this failure, however the blame can be firmly laid at the feet of the doctor. She did, if inadvertently, give Number 6 a valuable clue as to what was taking place against him.
    However it is the ethics of this doctor which have to be called into question. Yes she was under the direct command of her superior the Number 2. And yes she did show great  concern for the patient. But it was her who developed this new wonder drug” and therefore must have known the use it would be put to.
    This doctor was most probably recruited from a medical research facility, what’s more she seemed almost pleased about Number 6 succeeding.

Number 6

      This is the first time that drugs are used in order to try to extract the information of the prisoner’s resignation secret, since his arrival in the village.
The prisoner wake, he is still tired, his body aches from a disturbed sleep.
    We see one of Number 6’s peculiar mannerisms, the twitching fingers of his left hand, perhaps the sign of a nervous state of mind.
The first sign that something is wrong, is when Number 6 is at the door of his cottage, He sees the face of Number 14, and seems to recognise her. Then he discovers the small, bruised puncture mark on his right wrist.
    Outside his cottage Number 6 sees a woman dressed in a colourful stripped cape, with long blonde hair. He recognises her, the penny farthing badge she wears denotes the Number 14. Later when Number 6 meets up with Number 14, he responds by giving her his number. This is something which number 6 does very rarely.
    He then goes to pay number 2 a visit, the one person in the village who will know what’s going on and most likely the man behind it!
    Number 6 shows Number 2 the bruised puncture mark on his right wrist, Number 2 feigns not to notice it. Number 6 tells him anyone who knows nothing about it, would ask where I got it! Number 2’s only comment is that he must have got it in his sleep!
      Each and every night as Number 6 prepares to retire for the night, the maid makes Number 6 a cup of hot chocolate. And each time the chocolate is drugged!
But on this third occasion number 6 does not drink the cup of hot chocolate. Instead he pours the chocolate down the sink! Then takes a glass and fills it with clear liquid from the tap. After starring into the clear water, he takes a draught, and second later his collapses in a heap on the floor in the bedroom!
    Was Number 6 feigning this, or was the water in the glass really drugged? If Number 6 was really feigning, the doctor should have known.
In any case the diluted drug will have less of an effect upon him and in so being was easier for Number 6 to turn it to his advantage. In his dreams of course!
      Once again we see the ingenuity of Number 6 getting him into places where he should not be, the laboratory. But Number 6 also gets lucky, he is not seen following the doctor through he village and up into the woods to the laboratory. Nor is he seen in the laboratory itself, completely unobserved! Possibly as the laboratory is hidden there is no need for surveillance.
    A loner, but can be sociable when the occasion demands
    He can also be the loneliest person at a party.
    He is very single minded.
    He is not conventional.
    And his repeating over and over in his dream the act of his resignation is most certainly an anguish pattern.
      In the end it is a victory over his captors, but one that should not have been. However cleaver and ingenious number 6 is, however strong and determined he is, Number 6 also needs a degree of luck. And here he sees to get it all in one go!
      In the end it is seen that the prisoner was not selling out, he was and is as loyal as ever he was. He really was going on holiday, either to Italy, Greece, just two of his possible destinations indicated by the brochures in that white envelope he carried.
    How easily he turned the tables on Number 2, how easily he sucked him in.
The prisoner was heard to say that he never has like secrets. Is that a possible clue as to why he resigned? The fact that secrets were being held from others.
One of Number 6’s mannerisms is sniffing strongly as he adjusts his bow tie. Another that he cannot relax, he is always walking and must keep himself active.
And the way he delicately holds the glass of water and smacks his lips together.
      Here we meet some of Number 6’s old friends and contacts in the outside world.
The first being……………

Hair…. Auban/Brown
Height….. 5 feet 2 inches {approx}
Weight….  114lbs {approx}
Nationality… French
     A very rich French woman, middle aged, but still quite attractive. But divorced several times over! Perhaps that is how she acquired her wealth!
Holds celebrated parties, to which all the celebrities attend, the rich and famous together with the notorious!
A tactful lady, she had kept both ‘B’ and the prisoner apart, until this evening. The reason for this is not known.
She speaks excellent English but of course with a French accent.
She dresses elegantly in a flowing red and silver gown, and has a real taste for the good things in life.
She lives in a Chateau somewhere on the outskirts of Paris.
She does not like ‘A’ and isn’t too bothered that he left her party. But thinks it very rude not to say goodbye, just to leave the way he did.
How the prisoner has become associated with Engadine is not known, but they are firm friends, judging by how they greet one another.
She can be a jealous of other women. She tells the Prisoner to be rude to her, his old friend of his.

We continue with 'A B abd C' next time


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