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Wednesday 29 August 2012

You Did Your Best - I’ll Stress It In My Report

    So just exactly who was Nadia here going to report to?
    It has been the task of previous Number 2's to report on how well, or how badly an attempt has gone, in extracting the reason behind Number 6's resignation. And in that has had to pay the price for failure. Or indeed simply to report on the progress of Number 6.
  But in this case it's Nadia who is going to be doing the reporting. To Number 1? I hardly think so, as Nadia seems more ready to depart the Village. I think she was going to report to someone else - the Colonel perhaps. No, not the Colonel. He was already in the Village, and was only too well aware that the plan had not succeeded, having had first hand experience of it. So that leaves only one other person, Sir Charles Portland, he would be another candidate for Nadia's report, and at the same time making Sir Charles a complete and utter liar when it comes to 'Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.' But of course there is no evidence for this, it's mere speculation which may well be off the mark. And that's the thing you see. It is always supposed that Number 2 has always reported to Number 1, his predecessors and his successors. But is that right? We do not actually hear Number 2 address Number 1 by number on the telephone do we? And even if we do, does Nadia need to report to anyone? It only makes it suggestive that there are unseen external forces in control of the Village.

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