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Thursday 21 November 2013

A Question Of Speed! by our own reporter

Why is it that a night out results in something stupid being done, or a challenge thrown out and stupidly accepted? No.6 and No.2 enjoyed a night out in the Therapy Zone together. The drink flowed freely, supplied by the Village brewer.
   "Look" said No.2 "My helicopter can out fly anything you'd care to put up against it." "But I haven't got a aeroplane or a helicopter" No.6 told him. "No, but there's a boat!" No.2 said. "What, a flying boat?" "Yes, it's moored at the end of the jetty. You could use that" No.2 offered. "Why?" "To race me in my helicopter" No.2 suggested.
   "Well do you accept the challenge?" "I accept!" said No.6. "Then the brewer is a witness, and two more large whiskey's while your about it!"
   The day of the race arrived, and all the good citizens of this our fine community were on hand to witness this unprecedented spectacle.
   Both men are ready, although No.2 does appear to have a slight advantage at this point! But the race soon gets underway, helicopter versus jet boat, air and water!
   At this point No.6 and this crew are just slightly ahead of No.2. But there's trouble, as one mechanic tries to keep the engine running, while the second crewman tries desperately to plug a leak in the bottom of the boat!
   But in the end, the engine of No.6's jet boat fails, the two mechanics throw themselves overboard in fear of an explosion, as does No.6 moments later, to find himself stranded in the water.
  But with the race won, No.2 dropped a self-inflating lifebuoy into the water which automatically attached itself to No.6.
  The white self-inflating lifebuoy aiding No.6's swim back to shore, is an invention developed by village scientists, and as you can see works very well indeed. It is hoped that this life saving piece of equipment can be exported to maritime organisations, both military, and civilian, the world over.

our own reporter
Photographs from the Department of Visual Records

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