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Wednesday 6 November 2013

"I feel that despite the devolution of the pound, nevertheless......."

    "Address us.... a true statement which could only be yours, but for us."
                                                        {The President  -  Fall Out}

   It is such a pity is it not, that 'Sir' was never given the chance to address the assembly in the proper manner. That he was shouted down by members of the assembly at each attempt of his speech. After all the youthful and rebellious No.48 was given the opportunity to state his case before the assembly, even if it was only to run around causing chaos, and then to bring even more chaos to the members of the assembly by singing "Dem Bones."
   And then came the 'late' No.2, an established member of the establishment who turned on the hand that fed! He was allowed to address the assembly, not only that, but to be able to speak his mind.
  But 'Sir' was a different kettle of fish. His words could not be allowed to be heard, either that or they just didn't want to hear! But then what would 'Sir's' words have been, apart from telling the assembly exactly what he thought of their village and the proceedings of ‘Fall Out.’ What would McGoohan have actually said if he had put his mind to it? I suppose that McGoohan saw the possibility of giving too much away if he had written a speech such as Leo McKern's. So he couldn't allow the Prisoner to speak, or at least his words to be heard by the viewer. And what we do hear is made up "I feel...." "I feel that despite the devaluation of the pound, nevertheless......." And "I'm pissed off" can be lip read at the end of 'sir's' ratings!
  So whatever the Prisoner was going to tell the assembly, you can bet your bottom dollar that he was going to give them a mouthful, just as he had done to the man sitting behind the desk in that office during the opening sequence to the Prisoner. And you can be sure that it won't be too long before he does it all over again!

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