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Monday 11 November 2013

Thought For The Day

   The Butler has no name, no number, and has only become to be known to fans of the Prisoner by his apparent job title - the Butler. Yet in the series he's made no mention of at all, not by name, number, or even his job title!
   In fact we know less about the Butler than we do the Prisoner or even No.1. So perhaps the Butler is the real mystery man of the series.
    Tailored To Fit! It would seem that the Village cape, as worn by the Butler here, is hardly tailored to fit. One size it would seem, fits all! Mind you I think the Butler would have looked rather silly in a cape that was tailored to fit. I mean to avoid looking silly in a colourful striped cape, the Butler wears his inside out! Or perhaps he's demonstrating an air of individuality.

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