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Sunday 10 November 2013

The Therapy Zone

The thing about the Village is, you either "Fit In," or "Fall Out!"
   But with the original screening of the Prisoner, indeed for anyone watching the Prisoner series for the first time, the viewer has much in common with No.2. For as keen as No.2 is to discover the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation, we the viewer are just as keen to find out why No.6 resigned. I myself have come to realise that the reason lies within the epsiode of Fall Out, for although the viewer is told in ‘Once Upon A Time,’ it must remember that the script for ‘Once Upon A time’ was written and filmed, long before the script for ‘Fall Out’ was ever written by Patrick McGoohan. And in that, for me the reason why No.6 resigned changed.

He Really Was Going On Holiday!
   In A B & C, they may have research and computed the Prisoner's entire life and it boiled down to three people..... ‘A B and C.’ Well that's all fine and dandy, not to mention clever and a great deal of work for someone. But what made No.2 think that Paris would be the Prisoner's destination, so to attend one of Madame Engadines celebrated parties, so soon in having only just resigned his job?

   If ‘Dance of the Dead’ is the darkest of the 17 episode series of the Prisoner, then surely ‘A Change of Mind’ is the most chilling. Not only that, but reflects a time when the carrying out of the operation of a Leucotomy, the dislocation of the aggressive frontal lobs certain hospitalised patients, was once an everyday occurrence.

Its All Schizoid!
    If No.6 is quite literally No.1, then who is who is on the telephone when No.2 calls, or more often than not is called by No.1? On explanation could be that No.1/6 is suffering from schizophrenia and so at times behaves as No.1 but at other times he believes he is No.6.
    However this theory hinges on whether or not No.6 is physically in No.2's office at the same time No.2 is on the telephone speaking with No.1. and in fact this occurs towards the end of the Hammer Into Anvil episode, when No.2 is reporting himself as being a breakdown in control. So subsequently this scene blows this theory out of the water! As No.2 once said "Back to the beginning!"

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