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Tuesday 19 November 2013

The Therapy Zone

A Question Of Interpretation
   At her art seminar Madam Professor describes a man sat tearing up a book as "creating a fresh concept. Construction comes out of the ashes of destruction." And then there's a woman standing on her head "She's developing a new perspective." And the man's asleep in the chair simply because "The mind learns only when it wants to."
  Well to me the man's simply tearing up a book, the woman's standing on her head, and the man's asleep in the chair simply because he's tired!
   Well I think this is a case of madam Professor seeing one thing, where the rest of us see something else, much like ‘the Prisoner,’ its all to do with interpretation.

   Down right daft is one way to describe the Girl Who Was Death, but certainly it is an episode of humorous relief within the nightmare world of ‘the Prisoner.’

   Talk about making the best of his opportunities! Number Six only called Roland Walter Dutton as a character witness at his trail, because he knew the man was scheduled to die, so knew that whatever Dutton had to say, he had nothing to lose by saying it! Which is all very well, but I wonder what Roland Walter Dutton would have said, had he been able to?

What Will They Do To Me?
   These words might have crossed the Prisoner's mind whilst on his way to meet No.1. Change me utterly, I might even come out as someone quite new, as myself, but who am I? I seem to have spent my whole life being other people; a Priest, an astronaut. Lorry driver, Gypsy, a Secret Agent, an IRA man, Kings and desperate men. However with the Prisoner in his end is his beginning. And as for the future, the future which shows every sign as being exactly like his past!

A B & C
   Well was there something in the water?
    No.6's personal maid brought him his nightcap of hot chocolate, which No.6 poured down the sink. Then picking up a glass, he duly filled it with water from the cold tap. Having taken a sip of water, No.6 turned to retire for the night, however on his way to bed No.6 collapses on the floor.
   I cannot see No.6 feigning unconsciousness, having presumably drunk the drugged hot chocolate, as the doctor-No.14 would surely have noticed that No.6 wasn't in fact unconscious. So whatever drug it was in the tap-water, it was highly potent, as No.6 only took a sip of the water!

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