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Tuesday 5 November 2013

The Therapy Zone

Be Still!
   Was the order given to the citizens by No.2 in the central Piazza during ‘Arrival,’ and everyone stood stock still, including the newly arrived Prisoner. However one young man did not, and he went running around in circles, and it has been presumed that that was the reason the village guardian attacked him.
   Ah, but then in Checkmate, as that membranic Village Guardian came rolling and bounding along the road, all the citizens along that street stood stock still, save for two - No.14 and No.6, and the village guardian didn't attack them!

The Prisoner - Hero Or Anti Hero?
   During the daring attempt to escape the village during that episode of ‘Checkmate,’ No.6 discovered that the Rook had abandoned both the radio and raft. No.6 then had a decision to make - to either go back to the Green Dome, or take to the sea aboard that raft, and so to continue sending the distress signal, and thus bringing the ship closer to shore. No.6 chose the latter.
   I can only conclude that that when in danger of losing the rescue ship, No.6 puts to sea without his confederates, not willing to jeopardise his own freedom for them. Or was No.6 selfishly, and genuinely going to bring the ship inshore to rescue his confederates, and thereby putting his own freedom at risk....... I wonder.

Out of The Archive - 2009
 Why We Should Embrace The New Series Of The Prisoner
   Well perhaps embrace is the wrong word for many fans of the Prisoner, but certainly the new series is something I am looking forward to, and in all probability I will embrace. Because I'm currently in the market for a new pair of deck-shoes, and I've seen some very modern looking ones in a shoe shop, and they're the ones for me. Because they look like the ones I've seen actors wear in the new series.
   Also I suspect that many fans will go against the new series because Patrick McGoohan was No.6, and now we have a new No.6 in Jim Caviezel. Well you will remember that there was a new No.8 in Nadia Rokovsky in ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ and later on in the series two further No.8's followed her. So who is to say that the No.6 we see in the series is the first No.6 the village ever had. The Prisoner could have been the second, third and even sixth No.6. But of course the only one we have is the one we see, and then he's No.6 and no other!
   Well whether fans like it or not, there's a new village, a new No.6, only one No.2, and if fans don't like it, they're not forced to watch - but I bet they do, the first episode at the every least. Hands up those fans who will be able to resist, even if for so short a time?

Fall Out - Number 6
    If the viewer looks upon ‘Fall Out’ as just another episode in the series, and not as a separate episode as some do, then what takes place during Fall Out is simply just another manipulation of the Prisoner-No.6. And at the same time simplifies the meeting between No.6 and No.1. No longer the one alter ego of the other, but No.6 meeting Curtis, of ‘The Schizoid Man,’ now playing the role of No.1. This so as to try and put No.6 on the back foot when confronted with himself!
   As for the maniacal No.1, well obviously Curtis wasn't killed by Rover, and has been kept "on-ice" so to speak, possibly at the hospital, and such close confinement, or the attack by Rover that time, has had a detrimental effect upon him. Well the doctor did say that the after effects can be pretty nasty! Of course you may not agree, but its a point of view, and a different angle to view ‘Fall Out’ from.

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