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Monday 18 November 2013

Who Would Be Number 6?

    Any real person in No.6's position would crack up. Heroes always have faults, they feel pain. According to the test results carried out on No.6 during ‘Checkmate,’ he showed a negative response to pain, such a thing like that would take super-human will power. At times No.6 was quite rigid, and would be more believable if he had shown times of cracking up. Plots and schemes against No.6 are too well stacked in his favour, and all too easily is No.6 allowed to turn the tables against his foe. As in ‘The Schizoid Man,’ when No.6 easily reversed all that electric shock therapy by simply earthing himself to a gas pipe and using a short circuiting table lamp. That was all too easy for me. And ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ if Karel's watch had had the correct time, and if only No.2 of ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ had trusted in his assistant No.14 No.6's plan to bring No.2 down would never have succeeded. Such are three examples.

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