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Monday 18 November 2013

Thought For The Day

         "Probable Impossibilities
                  are preferred to
           improbable possibilities"
                   {Aristotle 384-322BC}

    I can see how Aristotle's thoughts can be put to 'the Prisoner,' because of a conversation between No.6 and No.12 in 'The General.'
   "You don't believe it? A university level degree in three minutes"
   "Its improbable."
   "But not impossible."
   "Nothing is impossible in this place."
    So in the Village there are "probable impossibilities" such as to achieve a three year University course in three minutes via Speedlearn. meaning that nothing is impossible in the Village, which is preferred to "improbable possibilities" meaning possibilities in the Village are unlikely to be true to happen. This also fits with attempts by fans and aficionados who try and fathom the intricacies of 'the Prisoner,' meaning that with "improbable possibilities" anything is possible within the series. Thus "probable impossibilities" make it easier to explain certain events which take place in 'the Prisoner' which are otherwise unexplainable. Whereas with "Improbable impossibilities" are unlikely to be true or indeed to have happened. It is like the MK1 original Rover, a mechanical device, a Go-kart with a fibreglass dome fitted to it. It was supposed to have been an all terrain vehicle. Able to go up walls never mind steps, as well as go on the water as like a hovercraft, and in the water like a submarine. I ask you, that's an "improbable possibility" for a Go-kart. Go-karts do not float on water, they sink! But at least that's what they said about the MK1 Rover, that when it went on the water it sank without trace, another "Improbable possibility,' because even if Rover had taken to that water and sunk, it would not have been without trace. Because when the tide at Portmeirion went out, MK1 Rover would have been left high and dry on the sand. However that is a story outside of the series, which took place during the production period
   Two further examples within the series would be that I am of the opinion that No.2 is the former Thorpe, that is an "probable impossibility," whereas an "improbable possibility" is..... I'm blowed if I can think of any such example! Perhaps it is the case that "improbable possibilities" can only be confined to real life, and not a work of fiction!

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