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Friday 15 November 2013

The Therapy Zone

Three Presiding Judges
    As in the French Revolution, and who No.2 saw at No.6's trail of Dance of the Dead as "Getting through the dead wood." So should it not also be Citizen and Citizeness, as in the French Revolution, and not simply Citizens in the village?  

It’s Inexplicable
  In the way that the hull which No.6 carved out of a tree trunk during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ is actually wider than the actual tree he chopped down in the first place!

   At the hospital, just after the interrogation session with No.8, No.6 shouts to No.2 "Let her go!"
No.2 asks "Is that is an order No.6?"
  Does this No.2 know something about who No.1 is, even though according to him it doesn't matter who No.1 is!

A Dream Of Fall Out
   "A pale clear blue sky with a silver rocket heading into space. When soon after blast-off it began to turn back on itself, and started heading back to Earth. When suddenly it's descent was slowed and then halted, as solar panels spread out from it's sides, and all around it. And then went into a low orbit around the Earth."
    This is the description of a dream which my wife had one night. An interpretation of this dream, for me, seemed to be like the ‘Fall Out’ rocket having blasted off out of it's silo beneath the village, and what might have happened to that rocket had we been able to witness it. Well something had to have happened to that ‘Fall Out’ rocket...... didn't it?

Many Happy Returns
    "Tomorrow is my birthday" the Prisoner tells Mrs. Butterworth, who tells the Prisoner that if he comes back she might bake him a cake.
    ‘Many Happy Returns’ is a complicated and highfaluting way of teaching No.6 a lesson. That escape is not possible, and that wherever he goes, there is no hiding from the long reach of the village. That their agents can follow him wherever he goes, and be brought back to the village at any time. An act which is compounded on the Prisoner's birthday - many happy returns!
   Someone once wrote "what can the Village do to celebrate the birthday of their toughest case?" Why not give the Prisoner what he really wants for his birthday - his freedom? Well of course it was the exact opposite, as they actually took his freedom away from the Prisoner on his birthday which was compounded  by the fact that No.2 presents him with his cake, with only 6 candles.

Watch The Birdie!
   It has to be said that Alison-No.24 did No.6 a big favour by taking this Polaroid picture. But what No.12-Curtis hoped to gain by having it in his blazer pocket is beyond me, because he wears a cream blazer with black piping, and not black with off white piping as in the picture!
   So even though if Alison had a second chance, she wouldn't do it again, she did inadvertently help No.6, because it was through this photograph that No.6 began to suspect something was wrong, starting with the bruise under his fingernail, and then the day-date calendar in the background.

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  1. Presiding judges: Not so sure what you mean, David! Aren't they Villagers, Village citizens (or perhaps bourgeoises in disguise)? - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Simply that like in the French Revolution three judges presided over trials, just as three judges presided over the trial of the Prisoner, that's all.
      Not on top form today I'm afraid, didn't have a good night, and the day is not better for me sorry to say.

      Very kind regards