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Friday 22 November 2013

The Schizoid Man!

No.2 had already trapped No.6 by the fact of his ignorance, that he didn't know Susan had died a year ago. So why go through all the rigmarole of allowing No.6 to get aboard the helicopter, blind folded?

  Well you should know by now that if there is an easy way of doing things, and a long drawn out way, the Village administration always chooses the long drawn out way. And in this case No.2 was gaining an awful amount of pleasure into the bargain. And the blindfold? That was so that No.6 couldn't see that the helicopter was simply circling the Village, to land where it had taken off from! In other words No.,6 got in the helicopter in the Village, and having just arrived, he got out in the Village. A little like newcomers in the new Village!
Doesn't look very happy about it, does he?

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