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Friday 22 November 2013

The Therapy Zone

Basically the Prisoner is whatever you get out of it.

That White Balloon Called Rover!
   Bernard Williams, who was the production manager on the Prisoner, said of Rover MKII "Would they buy a white balloon?" {meaning the television viewers}.
   Well you'll be happy to know Bernie, we did, we did.

I'm Going To Escape And Come Back........
............ Escape, Come Back. Wipe This Place Off The Face Of The Earth, Obliterate It, And You With It.
So, simply to escape the village is not good enough for No.6. He's going to escape and come back, "wipe it off the face of the Earth, obliterate it." Its ironic then is it not, that the man to whom No.6 made that promise, actually helped him carry out that threat in Fall Out. But then perhaps not so surprising, as like Sir, No.2 himself had once been a prisoner.
   Well they didn't really did they? Oh there was a fire fight between Sir, and ex-No.2, and 48, with the Butler lending a hand. But there was no wiping the village off the face of the Earth. The village wasn't obliterated, and it was No.2 who helped Sir, and all those who actually died were the armed security guards. No-one else died in this apparent violent and bloody revolution.
   The village was evacuated by the citizens, but it has to be said, left intact.
And therefore capable of sustaining the community again, which of course it will do, everytime you load a Prisoner video or DVD into the machine.

Said About The Prisoner
    George Baker said to describe the Prisoner as: "Like Kafka" as "reality keeps slipping away. It's very frightening. It could be happening to someone in this country now that we don't know about.... that's what is so fascinating about the Prisoner.
    Terence Feely {script writer} sums up the series best of all: "What the series is all about is creative people for once running the asylum." "We were doing what we wanted and showing what the medium was capable of, showing what a marvellous tool surrealism is for surrealistic expression. That last episode is, I think one of the best examples of total surrealism. No prisoners taken. This is a sereis built to last."
    Well Terence Feely got that one right, the series has indeed lasted. And as for "It could be happening to someone in this country" well just be grateful that it's not happening to you!

I’m Feeling Somewhat Enigmtic
   "You got the message?" We just got it - but what was the question?

   Has anyone ever seen these rules we hear about so much during 'The Dance of the Dead.'

I Know Who You Are You didn't fool me!
    Well perhaps No.2 fooled himself, not because of all those messages No.6 sent, all the people he recruited, or the fact that No.6, signing himself as D6 whilst reporting to XO4. Or the fact that No.2 was under the misapprehension that No.6 was a plant, sent to the village to spy on them. But the fact that when No.2 was speaking to No.1 on the telephone, he should have recognised the voice as being No.6! If we are indeed to believe that No.6 and No.1 are one and the same.

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  1. You got the message: Last time I watched Fall Out I thought that this might refer to the message Number 1 gave to the president to address Number 48 as Young Man, just like Sir did, if only to expedite the procedure. After all, Young Man got the message and saw the light..
    Best wishes,

    1. Hello Jana,
      Yes that sounds a very plausable interpretation.

      Very kind regards