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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Thought For The Day

    As to the question of a democratic crisis within the Village, which has been discussed and debated to great depth over the years, might any such democratic crisis have more to do with the democratic practise of speaking one's mind?
    The only problem with this train of thought is, that both No.48 and No.2 are permitted to plead their case before the Assembly. Whereas when the former Prisoner Number 6 tried to address the members or delegates of the Assembly he was shouted down at any attempt to do so. In other words they were not prepared to listen to one single syllable he had to say for himself!
    On the other hand, perhaps these three were put on trial for previous misdemeanours of speaking their minds in the Village. Number 48, well he was just disruptive, bringing chaos and mayhem with him to the Village. The former Prisoner known as Number 6 was never backwards in speaking his mind. As for the former Number 2, he did speak his mind to a superior prior to the events which took place in that Embryo Room. In fact No.2 was always very forthright in his remarks, and that could be enough to see him put on trial.

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