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Saturday 23 November 2013

The Therapy Zone

I Can Never Remember - One Lump Or Two?
   Well actually No.6 doesn't take sugar - Frightened of Putting on weight? No, and nor of being reduced! But just to prove a point, No.6 does drop four sugar lumps, one by one, in his tea. Because according to his record No.6 actually gave up sugar four years and three months ago on medical advice. However No.6 must have taken up having sugar in his coffee and tea, because as he sits at a table on the lawn of the Old People's Home with No.50-Monique in ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ No.6 merrily helps himself to sugar from the sugar bowl.

   More often than not, the number 6 is the most prevalent number in news stories.

At Least You Know Where You Are!
    The Control Room is a curious place, a round, domed chamber, which has upon half of its wall a map of the World as seen here in the background, as well as an Astral chart.
    Now why such a village would require such charts upon the chamber wall of the Control Room, is quite beyond me. Especially when the Shopkeeper told the Prisoner on the day of his arrival in the Village, when he was looking for a map, "There's no demand  for any other kind."
    As far as there being both a World map together with an astrological chart upon the chamber wall of the Control Room, I can only say that this could be representative of how once upon a time "World globes" came with "Astrological globes" in order to make a pair. Hence both being upon the chamber wall of the Control Room.

From A Bygone Age
    Outwardly the village is Italianate, giving the impression that it could be on any continent, or country in the world. Internally No.2's office, the Control Room, and the Council Chamber are all futuristic. Which is why the penny farthing is used as the symbol, or logo of the village. The penny farthing being a relic from a bygone age, when life was thought to have been lived at a much slower pace, perhaps prior to the advent of the great technical age to come - before the industrial revolution.

The Schizoid Man
......"And you will have to learn to smoke my brand without having a heart attack."
   Its nice of the villages administration to go to all the trouble of keep a supply of No.6's favourite brand of cigar, even though we hardly ever see No.6 smoking!

Be seeing you

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