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Thursday 14 November 2013

Pictorial Prisoner

    The Prisoner asks for a map covering a larger area.
    But sadly there is no call for those. When Six goes to buy a map it's  bit too small. And yet by  the time the shopkeeper has unfolded the Map of The Village........
   Big enough for you?!
   The thing about the Map of Your Village from the original series is, in some ways it is not an exact representation of the Village itself, especially the roads, and the location of the Labour Exhange. But at least it is the size of a Village. The Map of The Village in the 2009 series shows that the Village is not so much a Village, but the size of a city! And in that regard back in the mid 1990's, as fans of the series from that time will recall, there was the idea of a remake of 'the Prisoner,' it was to be called 'The City!'

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  1. A real great moment in the P09, that scene with the map.In a way 6's appearance in town is commented upon saying, 'Hey, what do you want? Be careful. This is too big for you.' Sadly, from my POV this thread, the aspect of 6's personality is never appropriately picked up again. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      I think Six has a strong personality, but it comes over in a more subtle way than McGoohan's did. In fact the whole PRIS6NER-09 is more subtle than that of the original, which is far more in your face.

      Very kind regards