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Monday 4 November 2013

It’s Your Funeral

        Appreciation Day, is the day when we pay homage to those who govern the citizens of the village so wisely."
    What's more there was an "Appreciation Day" monument together with its plaque Achievement which was unveiled. Yet by the time of the episode of ‘A Change of Mind’ the "Appreciation Day" monument had been removed from the area of the Gloriette. Perhaps it was moved to a less prominent position. Yet that word Achievement certainly goes with the retiring No.2 accomplishments, his not being concerned with No.6, but in adding the new Blue Zone in the post. The new mural in the library, electrification of the clocks, the clock golf are of the retiring No.2's achievements. And what's more he's had ample time in which to achieve these achievements, and more, this now retiring No.2 has even had time to take a spell of leave from the village. Because while this retiring No.2 has been away on leave there have been  no fewer than three interim No.2's, including his heir presumptive, during this spell of leave. Which bodes the question, just how long was this retiring No.2's term of office? Certainly it must have been the longest term of office of any of the No.2's, and not only that this particular No.2 has been the most industrious on behalf of the Village.
    Yet no No.2 has ever retired before, yes I know he was going to be assassinated, but he was up for retirement first. All his predecessors have simply been removed at their failure and replaced! Was "Appreciation Day" exactly as it appeared to be, or simply another farce like the elections of ‘Free for All?’
   Funny though, all the same, how No.6 upon a visit to see No.2 in his office of the Green Dome, was slightly surprised to see this elderly No.2.
"I want to see No.2" No.6 asks.
"I am No.2" the retiring No.2 informs his visitor.

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