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Friday 8 November 2013

The Therapy Zone

   Judging by the way they had looked after both the Prisoner's home, and Lotus 7 which must have been garaged for much of the time he was away in the village, as well as  being cleaned and serviced. So they must have expected the Prisoner's decision would be to reject the offer of ultimate power during ‘Fall Out,’ and not to lead them, but to go! Unless No.1 Buckingham Place, Westminster was No.1's London home!

A B & C
   Someone once wrote, I forget who and it was several years ago now, asking why is No.14 reading The Tally Ho from the episode ‘The Schizoid Man?’
   Well basically No.14 isn't! Yes the date on The tally Ho is Feb10th, and this does correspond to the date of No.6 calendar in ‘The Schizoid Man,’ but then there is the headline of that particular issue of The Tally Ho Is No.2 Fit For Further Term? Now you have to ask yourself a question here, the date might fit in more with that of The Schizoid Man, but which of the No.2's is being questioned with the headline Tally Ho Is No.2 Fit for Further Term? Ie which of the two No.2's is suffering ill health from a stomach ulcer?
   In my opinion, this issue of The Tally Ho was used in both ‘A B and C’ and ‘The Schizoid Man,’ but in one the viewer was not supposed to notice the date, and in the other the headline!

    It's not every television show that has a Balloon as an essential part of the story, and get away with it!

Decoding The Prisoner
   Chris Gregory in his book of the same title writes "In ‘The General’ experiments are being conducted with mass brainwashing." Well I suppose that it all depends on your definition of what actual brainwashing is - to change a person's ideas or beliefs by physical and mental conditioning, used over a long period. To completely wash away a persons mind, to replace his identity with that of another.
    Well certainly no village student of Speedlearn had their mind actually brainwashed, they all still knew who they were, neither had their minds actually been conditioned, it was a simple case of implanting knowledge inside their minds by subliminally. no actual harm was done, save that every student of Speedlearn knew exactly the same thing, word for word, parrot fashion!

To Hell With The Village
   Those are the exact words spoken by No.2 to No.6 in the Therapy Zone, and I quiet believed him! Well when I first saw the episode of ‘Free For All’ I couldn't quite believe my ears, did No.2 really think of the village in that way?
   Well soon after it became very apparent that he didn't, or did he to be perfectly honest I'm not too sure. No-one speaks openly about the village, but who knows what thoughts anyone may secretly harbour against the village. After all No.12 in ‘The General’ harboured thoughts about the Professor, he called him a “crank!” No.12 told him that his thoughts about the Professor should be closely guarded!

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  1. 1. Yes, they knew what they were doing by setting up or: staging the "Fall Out" trial. They didn't really expect No. 6 to "govern" them. In a way that's their defeat. What I was wondering about, the havoc that unfolds, the gun fighting (albeit a bit theatrical), it couldn't have been part of the plan, could it?
    2. What is brainwashing? I think I can mean a variety of things. Psychological brainwashing in order to convert somebody into a different belief, ideology e.g. And physical brainwashing in order to virtually erase a personality/identity and perhaps induce a new one. And the more subtle method of creating a different behaviour by means of media content and the permanent manipulation of it. Perhaps there's always a combination of them. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      I'm sure that the havoc that unfolds, the violent revolution, was not part of the plan. I wonder about is how it is, that during that fire-fight, it's only the armed security guards that get killed!
      It's possible for brainwashing can be all those things you suggest. It is always possible that I, and many like me have been brainwashed by 'the Prisoner!'

      Very kind regards

  2. Another way to put it. Touché!