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Thursday 7 November 2013

The Therapy Zone

     Why is it always assumed that the children seen in the nursery during ‘The Girl Who Was Death’ were abducted to the village. Why could they not have been born in captivity, to coin a phrase?
   However if one exercised ones imagination enough, you could account for the children by saying that the children were brought to the village because they are "child geniuses being shaped for the future, or even clones!

    There is an underlying theme within the Prisoner, not to reply too much on technology. The first demonstration of which comes in Arrival as the prisoner is having his medical. The doctor who carries out the said medical feeds the information into a computer in the examination room, and then waits for the computer to give its diagnosis!

The General
    There Is Not A Question That The General Cannot Answer - Given The Basic facts!
    So it's just a pity that such a super-computer is relatively rubbish, and self-destructs simply because it hasn't been programmed with sufficient facts to answer a question put to it! But then to be fair, No.6 had caught them on the hop so to speak.
   I wonder if it was the General No.2 had used in A B & C in order to have the life's research on No.6 computed, as No.2 had said they had done? But of course if the General had been brought to the village sometime after A B & C in time for the episode of The General, then it would be unlikely. It all depends on just how long both the Professor and his wife had been in the village in the first place, and therefore the General itself.

   In the episode of ‘The Schizoid Man’ why did the village guardian - Rover - kill No.12-Curtis? There wasn't any real need, was there? unless of course by some means Rover knew that Curtis had betrayed the plan!

   The amended wallet was never found, nor would it seem the amended body so that it's No.6 who has died in an accident at sea - otherwise Janet Portland wouldn't still be wondering where her fiancée is, and pestering her farther Sir Charles Portland who hadn’t received a report on the Prisoners death at sea!

    Dance of the Dead = Death, the dead body which No.6 found on the beach that morning, and putting the dead to good use - The Carnival Dance itself, The Dance of the Dead - The fact that the original script called for everyone at the Ball to die, save for No.6, making 6=death, to make nothing of the supposedly brain-dead villagers! And that teleptinter, supposedly dead after having it wiring ripped out by No.6, which soon after suddenly bursts back into life as though resurrected!

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