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Wednesday 20 November 2013

The Therapy Zone

Its All An Act You Know
    It would seem that No.6 and No.24-Allison share a mental link. But it is never revealed just how this "mental link" was discovered, and how long they look to develop it to the standard we witness at the outset of ‘The Schizoid Man.’ But we do know that someone was quick to pounce upon it, and turn this "mental link" between No.6 and No.24 to their advantage.
    So how was it done? Well quite obviously No.24-Allison had no choice in the matter but to go along with it, we can imagine that No.2 threatened No.24 with something so awful, that she was given no choice in the matter. So when faced with No.6 in No.2's office, No.24 simply gave the correct call for the first of the five cards, and gave deliberately gave the incorrect answer to the remaining four cards. And in so doing giving the appearance that there is no mental link with this man posing as No.6.
   As for the "mental link" with Curtis, who was posing as No.6, well this was confirmed by No.24 calling out correctly all five cards held up by Curtis. How was this achieved? Well either the deck was rigged, and No.24 memorised the five cards to be held up by Curtis, or there were given signals by Curtis, prearranged signals which No.24 would recognise for each of the cards. You will recall how Curtis called out "Now" in different ways, that could have been the signal. Well how else do you think it was done?

   It’s true that at this stage in their "deliberations" Leo McKern is actually fighting, or struggling for his life!

Colin Gordon - The General
   I suppose Colin Gordon really has no right to be playing the ruthless, yet frightened Number 2 in a series like the Prisoner where the character of No.2 changes with each episode.
   "I've never been so flattered" was Colin Gordon's comment "Especially as this is the first time I've played a part quite like this."
   Although screened after ‘A B and C,’ ‘The General’ in which Colin Gordon plays Number 2, was in fact filmed before ‘A B and C,’ so that he makes his return appearance five weeks before his debut!
   The story-line of ‘The General’ was altered so as to allow for this, although the provision was not needed as the episodes were screened in the reverse order to their filming. Number 2 in ‘The General’ was originally to have met his death at the end of the episode, a victim of "the Generals" short circuiting, and explosive self-destruction. But Colin Gordon's performance as Number 2 was admired so much, that he was reprieved, simply to pave the way for his appearance in the later episode of ‘A B and C.’

The Chimes Of Big Ben
    What if the Prisoner had actually been physically taken back to London. After all the trick might have worked, and No.6 would have revealed the reason behind his resignation.
    Well what would have been the point in that? All that would have been achieved was the confirmation that it was the British who were running the village. And after all were we really supposed to know which side runs the village, or even why the Prisoner resigned?

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