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Tuesday 5 November 2013

The prisoner Under The Spotlight

  “I’m Not An Inmate,” and yet once upon a time this No.2 had been. A once established , successful, and secure member of the establishment, who turning upon and biting the hand that feeds him.
   He had been like the Prisoner-No.6, having once been abducted to the village. Because it was his lot in the past, to wield a not inconsiderable power. Nay, he had had the ear of statesmen, Kings and Princes of many lands. Governments have been swayed, policies defined and revolutions nipped in the bud at a word from him in the right place and at a propitious time.
   Not surprising therefore that one day he should find himself abducted and wake up amongst those in the village. But what No.2 did find deplorable, is that he had resisted for so short a time. And this he sees as being a tribute to their methods. He also thanks the assembly for the recognition they paid to his talents, which placed him in a position of power second only to 1.
   So it is safe to say that this man who rose to the position of No.2, had once been put through a series of trials similar to that of No.6, but possibly for a shorter length of time, as indicated by the fact that he himself states that "I resisted for so short a time." So it is extremely unlikely that this No.2 had been put through the ordeal of "Degree Absolute" as he was to put No.6 through.
   No.6 was seen to have a future with the village, that one day it was hoped to persuade him to join them, and find a high position somewhere in administration, even that of No.2.
    And so it proved to be the case with No.2. A man of his calibre the village administration would certainly want to get 'on-side', him being a good man with the reputation which in all probability preceded him. two men who enjoyed a common factor, they were both seen to have a future with the village. How many had preceded even them? How many times had the Butler witnessed the ordeal of "Degree Absolute" in the embryo room, because it is certain that No.6 was not the first to have been put through the ordeal. But perhaps unlike No.6, they..... died! die 6 die......die.......die......die!
   And yet, “I’ve Met No One Here Who Has Committed A Crime!” Well perhaps not a crime, but certainly people are brought to the village for a variety of reasons, but possibly for none more than for the knowledge they have inside their heads. No.6 for example, he was brought to the village because they wanted to know why he suddenly resigned. Then there's Nadia-No.8 who arrived for a spot of recuperation according to No.2, but of course No.8 turned out to be  a plant! Fotheringay was also brought to the village around the same time for his part in the same plan during The Chimes of Big Ben, but he was never given a number or made a part of the community, nor was the Colonel. But this Colonel would not be the last to be brought to the village in such a capacity as in connection with No.6. There was the episode of Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Daling, and the Seltzman-No.6 connection, when the Colonel was most gratified to have been sent to the village by the highest authority. But perhaps not so keen to exchange minds with No.6!
   'C'-Engadine of the episode A B & C would be brought to the village. just as Curtis had been but for a very different reason. Curtis was to impersonate No.6, this in aiding to break No.6 and to eventually exract the reason behind his resignation. Curtis may have been the perfect look-a-like for No.6, with or without plastic surgery, but this plan was enough to see him brought to the village.
    No.2 of course was brought here to take up the position of Chairman of the village, an interrogator in the position of power, second only to 1. Roland Walter Dutton on the other hand, had been brought to the village about a month before No.6's arrival, and for the knowledge inside his head. But I wonder if this had been a mistake on the part of the villages administration? Because Dutton had not the access to the 'vital stuff.,' and by the time the doctor-No.40 found out it was too late, for Roland Walter Dutton, who soon will cease to exist. And the Rook-No.53, he invented an electronic defense system, who thought all nations should have it. It would have meant peace. But then a bumbling buearucrat let his bag, containing the electronic defense plans, get swiped. The Rook confessed to No.6 that he had had nothing to do with it, but would die happy if he had. Treasonable thoughts maybe, but which alone would have been enough to see No.53's abduction to the village, let alone the information regarding his electronic defense system!
   Then there are others who arrive in the village of their own free will, as in the case of the Professor and his wife. This in bringing the advantages of both The general and Speedlearn to the community in perhaps the greatest of all human experiments! and of course there would be many, many others who actually have a position in the village, such as the control room supervisors, the doctors and nurses at the hospital, and many more of the villages administration who also came to the village of their own free will. Was that the case of Martha, in the episode of Many Happy Returns, Mrs. Butterworth's house maid? Was the village explained to her, somehow I don't think so. More likely Martha was brought here using guile in ingenuity on behalf of her mistress. But unlike her mistress, Martha would not be leaving the village!
   But what of the others, the little watchmaker-No.51 and his daughter Monique-No.50, the chess champion and rumoured ex-Count-No.14. And the white Queen-No.8, what had she done to have herself brought to the village? What dark secrets might No.8 and others like her be harbouring? The Admiral-No.66, the General-No.34, were they brought here long ago for their military secrets, of their own free will or through abduction I wonder. Oh and there was the case of No.48, who was with us, then he went and gone!
   In the majority of cases, those who arrive here in the village, either through abduction, or their own free will, they all have one thing in common.....Information.... Information.....Information!
   So the only question remaining is..... what does the village administrators do with all this information when they get it?

Be seeing you

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