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Wednesday 6 November 2013

The School Uniform

    They say that your school days shape you for the future, that they remain with you for all your life. I remember my school days, and how proud I used to be to wear the school uniform. Oh we didn't have any fancy piping on the school blazer, or straw boater come to think of it. We did have a school cap with the school badge on it. No, no piping on the blazer to denote who the Captain of the boxing team was, or the cricket team, football, and even for fencing. Yes, we did have fencing, only high fences all around the perimeter of the school!
   Then when my class reached the fifth year, the headmaster decreed that we could abandon the school uniform, and come to school in our own clothes. Well I still came to school in a blazer, but a fancy one with scarlet lining, and a fancy motif.
   I recall how my classmates had hated the school uniform, simply because it was a uniform. And so were happy to be able to go to school wearing their own clothes.
   Then we left school, and in the outside world I took to wearing three-piece suits, well I liked to look smart, and also in wearing what I liked I displayed individualistic tendencies, unlike my old school friends, and the like. Because as they had hated wearing the school uniform, having left school they all took to wearing Denim. which was okay as an individual, but when they were all in the same public house/bar, they all looked the same. They might have said goodbye to the school uniform, but having left school they had all taken to wearing a new uniform, one of denim!
    Now we shall all sing the old school song...... oh., we didn't even have a school song!

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