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Thursday 7 November 2013

The Village

     It looks as though the Village Administration is preparing a cottage for a new arrival, seeing as each citizen has his or her "home from home." Which begs the question, just how much prior notice does the Administration get of a new arrival in the Village? Certainly some advance notice would have had to be given.
   Take No.6 as an example. The Prisoner knew he was going to resign, but did others see that coming, that his "home from home" had been prepared for him in the Village days in advance? Yet having said that, it is always possible that the Prisoner's resignation had had nothing whatsoever to do with his abduction to the Village!

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  1. You don't think every individual's entitled to a single cottage do you? Can't imagine. A waste of living space. There are inmates more privileged than others, take No. 6. And where would the staff be housed, the undercover warders, underground, in nearby Harmony? No. 6 would have been observed, probably before he handed in his letter of resignation. Action was then taken when that moment arrived. We don't know much time elapsed between his abduction and his awakenig in his Village cottage. BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Thinking about it, probably not every citizen enjoyed the luxury of a whole cottage to themselves, a room or small apartment would perhaps be more like it. And yet having said that, No.6 enjoyed a cottage to himself! I think No.6 is most fortunate to enjoy such a luxury. Take the Green Dome for example, it is described as No.2's residence, but it isn't, it's only his office, No.2 doesn't "live" in the Green Dome. No.2, who is a high ranking official in the Village, Chairman, and Chief Administrator, lives in a room somewhere underneath the Village. Picture No.2 in 'A B and C' rising up through the floor of his office in the Green Dome still wearing his pyjamas and dressing gown.
      I have always imagined that the Village is for the resident prisoners, as for the many other people the warders, observers, gardeners, plumbers, window cleaners, Guardians and all others who work in the Village, well they live somewhere else, either under the Village, or outside it somewhere. So really when thinking about it, adding up the number of prisoners, and all the people it takes to actually run the Village, accommodation-wise, the Village is simply not big enough!

      Very kind regards