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Thursday 14 November 2013

The Therapy Zone

Sometimes In My Dreams
   No.6 "Couldn't sleep. Came here to.... Who am I?"
No.6 "You know who you are, you're Number 12."
"Yes I'm Number 12.... but sometimes in my dreams I'm...... I'm somebody else."
"Frank Maher!"

The Sense Of Fear
    It has often been puzzled over why Rover attacked No.12-Curtis. Some would have it that it was because of the nervous way Curtis gave the password Schizoid Man. Well the way Curtis gave the password has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Obviously Curtis was nervous at the time, and then he became frightened. And instead of standing his ground against Rover, Curtis ran. Thus Rover concluded that the prey must then be No.6 as he gave the wrong password, and so attacked, attacked the wrong man!
  Even No.2 had a job in telling the two 6's apart and needed the use of two passwords, so as to be able to tell them apart. It would also seem that Rover had a problem in distinguishing the one from the other. So it would appear that the only people who could easily tell which 6 is the real 6, are the television viewers!

   {The correct password given by No.6 should have been Gemini}

   It would have gone hard for No.2, had Nadia not survived the attack by the white membranic Village Guardian, either through suffocation or drowning.   A top agent it would appear Nadia is. But really, was it so necessary to put her through this, and how prepared could she have been, to have to face the Village Guardian?

You Get Nothing For Two Pairs In The Village
   No, we are not talking about the two sets of twins, but numbers. In ‘Arrival’ there are two No.66's in the village, the ex-Admiral, and the Prisoner's personal maid. Then in ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ there are two No.243's, a laboratory technician, and the bomb disposal man. I had thought that there is one person per number when filming ‘the Prisoner’ on location in Portmeirion, and another for when filming on-set so to speak, which would explain away there being two different people for the same number in ‘Arrival,’ a simple case of non-continuity between location and set filming. However this does not explain the fact of two different people for the same number, both having been filmed on-set. Nor does it explain how three people in Arrival can have the same number - the Prisoners personal maid, and two ex Admirals, played by two different people!

A curious Point
   Comes as No.6 and Nadia put their Coracle together on the beach. Where did that sheet of wood come from, and how did No.6 actually cut those holes in it?
   And when out at sea, it would be far from comfortable for No.6 and Nadia, I mean the base of the craft is more holes than actual boat, and that tarpaulin would be sodden with sea water. Can you actually imagine the conditions of their craft when once far out at sea....... risky isn't in it. But desperation is, No.6's desperation to escape the Village, and in that any risk is thrown out of the window! I used the word Coracle to describe their craft. But this isn't as good as a Coracle, because a Coracle is at least water tight!

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