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Sunday 17 November 2013

The Therapy Zone

A Change Of Mind
   We are all familiar with the scene which follows No.86's denouncement of No.2 as being unmutual. In the way No.2 rushes off the balcony, and runs through the streets of the village, and up the steps of the Green Dome. Yet originally the script described the scene immediately after No.86's denouncement of No.2 being unmutual as;
    "No.2, his peasent face flushed with anger, turns and after a further glare at the smiling p {prisoner}, rushes past from the balcony.
    Number 2 appraoches Number 86.
    No.2 is dragging to the very edge of the square. It is still too public for him to be really rough with her. But he nevertheless strikes her across the face with barely controlled anger.
   Like most of Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, the whole episode is inexplicable, however perhaps not so much as the fact that the body of No.6, with the Colonel's mind, appears to be just left all that time in the mind changing apparatus!
Danger Man
   It was once written in an article that perhaps the Prisoner might not have resigned if he had such responsibilities as a wife and family to support. Well seeing as danger was an attraction for John Drake, that danger was his stock in trade, and judging by the kind of work that he did, it seems pretty unlikely that John Drake would have married in the first place, so when it came to Janet Portland, she came as a bit of a shock really. Being engaged to Janet Portland might have been an indication that John Drake might have had the thought of settling down. Janet may well have put pressure upon him to give up his job for a position a little more less dangerous, an office job perhaps. But then if that was the case, where was he going in such a hurry after handing in his letter of resignation that day.

   It is only No.6 who asks who No.1 is!

Finally Number 1
    Sir must have known who No.1 was all the time, because he didn't hang around long to find out!
   No.1 offered Sir his future, which Sir saw in the crystal ball. A future he rejected by allowing the crystal ball to slip from his hands and smash into a thousand splinters on the floor. This then is the act which later would instigate in the Prisoner's resignation back in London!

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