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Tuesday 19 November 2013

Thought For The Day

   I've no idea how this is going to work out, but in for a penny, in for a farthing. I have always considered Cobb to an ex-colleague of the Prisoner's simply on the basis that the Prisoner calls Cobb by his name. And yet there is no evidence to suggest that Cobb is an ex-colleague of the Prisoner's, although he could be. He could have known Cobb in the same way as he knows A and B of 'A B and C.'
   Is it possible that Cobb is German? After all he was in Germany when he was abducted to the Village, and he bid No.2 Au Wiedersehen, mind you No.2 bid Cobb Au Revoir so that would make No.2 French. Not that anyone cannot use those phrases. It simply seems rather odd for the two men to bid farewell until we meet again in this way, why didn't they simply say be seeing you to each other? I know this is but a ploy to demonstrate how International the community of the Village is, but an Englishman would never say Au Wiedersehen. Unless Cobb is German, and having been turned to the other side, he's now dressed in a business suit, not wanting to keep his new masters waiting, in other words Cobb is going to infiltrate a possible British governmental department. Yes, this all seems very improbable I know, because Cobb must have resisted for a very short time!

Be seeing you

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