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Saturday 16 November 2013

The Therapy Zone

   No.6 wasn't the only one to ask why in ‘The General,’ two people have just died, both the Professor and No.12 electrocuted to death by the General as it self-terminates as No.6 looks on, as No.2 keeps asking "Why? Why?" Why indeed!

I'm A Lumberjack And I'm Okay..........
    A viewer of the episode ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ might accept No.6 felling that tree, and in having done so goes on to carve out the hull of a Coracle, and to sail it 30 miles along the coast.
   However is the said viewer to simply accept that in ‘Many happy Returns’ the lone sailor survives some 25 days at sea, even though his strength has apparently given out, he still finds reserves of energy to tackle the two gun-runners aboard their boat. All this after spending time back in the Village, chopping down trees, hauling full oil drums, emptying their contents down a drain and hauling them along with tree trunks down to the quayside. And then actually building his sea-going raft.
   Having fought off the two gun-runners No.6 hurls himself into the sea and swims for shore! Then having been washed up on the shore at Beachy Head, No.6 still has not had enough, watch how No.6 scales the chalk cliffs like some mountain goat..... It's quite unbelievable isn't it, the strength and stamina of this man!

In Allegorical Terms
Its not always freely that I use that word   And I do hate to have to use that word, but if Number 1 and Number 6 are one and the same, in allegorical terms, and have been all through the series of ‘The Prisoner.’ Who is actually speaking to the series of No.2's who take up office in the Village?
    Explain it, I can't explain it. It’s allegorical, or in my language - its inexplicable!

A Soul In Torment
   No.6 sat to have his portrait painted by a somewhat eccentric artist - No.118. No.6 said it was a perfect likeness, but of what? I think No.118 has captured the man's soul on canvas, either that of No.6, or more importantly that of Patrick McGoohan. A round peg trying to fit into the square, but not quite managing to do so.

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