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Saturday 16 November 2013

The Death Of Rover!

   Takes place in ‘Fall Out,’ moments after the rocket was launched. This little scene is said by many fans of ‘the Prisoner’ to be the "Death of Rover,” as it shrinks into a creator. Such is the steamy rocky, alien environment, that it gives the impression Rover is dying somewhere on another planet. Thus Rover appears alien to our world.   
    It was once asked why only one Rover was destroyed in this scene, when during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ three Rovers brought No.8-Nadia to the beach from the sea, and that was repeated during ‘Free For All,’ after No.6 had "Jumped boat" so to speak.
   Well what you see in the image is but one piece of the membranic "thing" and if this is seen to be the "Death of Rover," then the following image must surely be the "Birth of Rover." Because Rover is born of the sea, and seeing as how the rocket was launched from land, the "containment area" for the mass of the membranic Village Guardian, is somewhere out at sea, so we can thereby assume that the vast mass of the village guardian survived the ‘Fall Out.’

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