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Saturday 9 November 2013

Thought For The Day

   In recent blog comments, a friend and I were discussing the question of whether or not the citizens in the Village enjoy a cottage to themselves, and the qustion was asked, do I think that was the case? Well I said No.6 enjoyed a cottage to himself! And yet thinking about it I could have have given two or three more examples. Alison-No.24 seemed to have a whole house to herself, judging by the size of the lounge! Also No.12, certainly his cottage was not open plan like '6 Private.' And what about Monique-No.50 and her father-No.51 {the Watchmaker} they probably had a living apartment either above or at the back of the shop. And not forgetting the Professor and his wife, who lived in an elegantly furnished house. All very different to No.2. Oh the Green Dome might be described as being the residence of No.2, but he doesn't live there, it's only his office. No.2 has a room somewhere below the Village. You will recall how No.2 in 'A B and C' rises up in his spherical chair still dressed in his pyjamas and dressing gown, and No.2 in 'It's Your Funeral' was in the Control room still dressed in his pyjamas and dressing gown!
     It would seem that citizens in the Village live far more comfortably than their keepers. But I suppose that's because the Prisoners will be staying in the Village, whereas there is no telling when No.2 might be leaving the Village, which could be at a moments notice! So therefore there is no point in giving him or her elegant living quarters. What's that you say? What about that room in the Town Hall in 'Dance of the Dead' used by No.2? Well yes No.2 does use that room, and who is to say that her predecessors have not used that room before her, and that any successor will not do likewise? It would seem that No.2 does live in a room of elegance and comfort after all, except there's no bedroom, but perhaps that's just across the corridor!

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  1. Whether or not the citizens in the Village enjoy a cottage to themselves is very easily answered, as you seem to be overlooking the fact that the Villagers' homes are replicas of the homes from which they were abducted, so unmarried abductees probably did live alone and so continue to do so in the Village, while married couples and families continue to live in the same premises, as they did previously. Simples.

  2. How do you know all of them would have replica apartments? It's No. 6 who has one and Nadia, too. As for Alison I'm not so sure it was said to be one. - BCNU!

  3. Hello Anonymous and Arno,

    It's true enough that no citizens have a complete replica of their own homes, all you have to do is look at '6 Private' to realise that. What's more there is the question of space in the Village for everyone to have full replicas of their own homes. But they can replicate rooms. The only replica room in '6 Private' {that we know of} is the study area. But yet No.6 still enjoys a cottage to himself. And so with Nadia enjoying a replica of her own home, or room, it stands to reason that this would be the same for other prisoners. After all we have witnessed with the Prisoner, how at home he first feels when he wakes up in what he thinks is his own home. and that of Nadia, who was grateful to be in her own home. It's psychological, to make the Prisoner feel at home, in order to increase the shock to come, when the new arrivals find themselves in the Village.
    Why go to the extreme of giving No.6 and Nadia-No.8 their own homes if no-one else in the Village? After all Nadia isn't all that important, No.2 said that himself, that he thought she wouldn't be inthe Village very long. If that's the case, why go to all the trouble of giving her her own home in the first place? Mind you we only have Nadia and No.2's word for it that it is No.8's own home, after all she is a plant in the Village!

    Very kind regards