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Tuesday 16 August 2011

60 Second Interview With No.22

    No.113 'Can we have a few moments of your time Twenty-Two?'
    No.22 'If it's about Number Two.....'
   'No, it's not about Number Two...........what about Number Two?'
    'Nothing. Look who are you? What  is it you want?'
    No.113b 'Smile' {click goes the camera}
    'I am Number One-One-Three, and this is my photographic colleague Number One-One-Three b. We contribute to The Tally Ho you know.'
    'No, I didn't know.'
   'Well we are, and do.'
   'Just so. Well Number Twenty-Two, I take it that is your number?'
    'Can't you see my badge?'
    'Yes, but to wear a badge is not sufficient proof of ones identity. Anyone can wear a badge........'
'Look, what's this all about?'
{113 takes a photograph out of his blazer pocket and shows it to 22}
'You wouldn't say you were this chap at all?'
'Why, who is he?'
'Number Fourteen.'
'I'm Number Twenty-Two, always have been!. You must be mad!'
'You wouldn 't say that you are not suppoed to be him at all?'
'No I damned well wouldn't. Do I look like him?'
'Well you have to admit there is a certain resemblance. The same hair colouring, style, even the parting of your hair is on the same side. You're both about same height, what's more you are both wearing the same clothes!'
'Yes, but we're wearing different numbers!'
'Yes, but what's in a number?
'Coincidence, yes I believe we can allow for coincidence. Yes I'm sure.'
'Well, if you were to press me, there is one difference between you both.'
'And what might that be?'
'Number Fourteen is more eager to help. But you, you don't seem to hardly do anything at all!'
'Well I..........'
'One might even ask, why you are in the episode at all!'
'Damned cheek!'
'Now, what's this about Number Two, he's about to retire isn't he?.........................'

Reporter Number 113
Photograher No.113b

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