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Thursday 18 August 2011

When Do You Stop Wearing A Piped Blazer?

    Well persumably the day you leave school, college. Yet for those who attend Prisoner Conventions at Portmeirion, the question of when do you stop wearing a piped blazer is a little more pertinent. Basically its when you no longer take part in re-enactments from the Prisoner, or decide no longer to try and add ambiance to Portmeirion as the Village, as others do. Because there does come a time when one hangs one piped blazer up for good. Well that's what I thought, because even though I no longer attened Prisoner conventions, I do still wear either of my two piped blazers on occasion. Well in recent years piped blazers have become quite the fashion, to wear everyday when one is out an about. In fact quite recently I purchased a new piped jacket from T-K-Max, which is of the modern style of piped jacket, one which has the look of new Village as I've come to term it, rather than old. When I first put the jacket on, Morag said that I had the look of 11-12 from the new Village! I tell you some thing, if I went to a Prisoner convention wearing my new piped jacket, or dressed as Two, as I like to do from time to time, they would probably have me posted as being Unmutual, because they would perhaps see me as wearing something from the 2009 series of THEPRIS6NER. Members of Six of One:The Prisoner Appreciation Society don't like the 2009 series!
   So yes, I do still wear my piped blazer, dress as Two from time to time, even at my age. It would seem that the old adage is right, you can take the man out of the Village, but you can't take the Village out of the man! I'll be seeing you.

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