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Sunday 28 August 2011

There Is More in The Prisoner Than Is Dreampt In Your Philosophy!

    It will be 45 years on September 5th since the Prisoner first went into production at Portmeirion, and you would think that all that can be written about the series has been written, well not yet it hasn't. What's more you would think that everything that can be seen in the Prisoner has been seen and realised, again you would be wrong. Now I know that there has been lengthy debate regarding the possible identity of the Prisoner being that of Danger Man John Drake, please, no comments as this topic has well been discussed and put to bed now, besides that is not what this posting is all about, although there is a definable link between that of Danger Man and the Prisoner. It might well be the entire production crew, it might be Norma West, the Observer-No.240 in Dance of the Dead, and Pauline in Danger Man's A Very Dangerous Game. Or even Sheila Allen No.14 in A B & C and Dian Eglington in Danger Man's Don't Nail Him Yet, and such a list would include any actor or actress who appeared in both series. However it is by sheer accident that Sheila Allen happens to appear in the Prisoner twice! There, try and work that one out, but don't expect me to tell you in what other episode it is other than A B & C, because it has to do with this definable link between the Prisoner  and Danger Man, and to be fair Sheila Allen's second appearence in the Prisoner was by sheer luck, and I'm sure that she was not aware of it herself, and as far as I am aware I am the only fan of the Prisoner to have made this discovery. It took me some time to spot this link, to fathom it's meaning, so I don't wonder that it has never been noted before in the annuls of appreciation for the Prisoner.

    That's one aspect which has never before been realised within the realms of Prisoner appreciation, what follows is another, one which did take me some time to realise that No.2 was speaking rubbish about the content of a certain photograph.

    Take that picture which No.2 shows 73 in the opening scene of Hammer Into Anvil. It is supposed to be a picture of 73's husband caught 'In flagrante' with the woman Mariah. Well that's utter rubbish! No.73's husband does not appear in that photograph, there is no woman Mariah, and certainly no 'In flagrante.' In fact I can say where that photograph comes from - who is actually in that photograph - when it was taken - and who it was who is supposed to have taken that photograph - and who actually it was who took it, but I'm not going to, where would be the fun in that? For you I mean, to hand such information on a plate would hardly be fair to be expected, dispite the freedom of information act which we all live under these days. If anyone else discovers what the photograph is all about, well the cat will be truly out of the bag as far as I'm concerned. But at least I will have the pleasure of probably being the first to have made the discovery, amongst a multitude of fans of the Prisoner.    Be seeing you.

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