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Tuesday 9 August 2011

The Village Is Tiny - basically Miniature!

    On the morning of his arrival in the Village, the Prisoner at one point stands before an electronic 'Free Information' board and presses a button, at which instantly a taxi arrives on the scene, the oriental taxi driver asks the Prisoner.................'Where to sir?'  'Take me to the nearest town' the Prisoner requests the driver.    'Oh we're only the local service' the taxi driver replies.   'Take me as far as you can' the Prisoner says climbing into the taxi.
    Well the taxi driver drives the taxi up the road, down the street, up and down the same way twice, always round and about, and the longest way round to get the Prisoner back where he started! Well almost. And then there's the short taxi ride, again from the electronic 'Free Information' board to the Town Hall, where upon the taxi is besieged by No.113 a contributer to The Tally Ho, and No.113b his photographic colleague. No.113 puts a series of questions to No.6 the electoral candidate, however it is but a short drive to the Town Hall, and so as to fit the scene in, they drive very slowly twice down the road to the Town Hall, the proof of which is the scenery in the back ground as they pass by twice.    Be seeing you

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