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Thursday 25 August 2011

Caught On Camera

Look out Number Six, he's behind you!

    This picture taken at the 1998 Prisoner Convention held at Portmeirion. Yes, that's me as No.6, but who is No.1?        BCNU


  1. Hello Rook,

    I couldn't resist using this photograph, and I knew of course that it is you who is No.1, who didn't go up in that rocket at all during 'Fall Out, but who has been 'lurking' in the Village waiting for No.6's unhappy return ever since that eventful day!

    The photographs which you sent me, brought back some happy memories. Those were certainly the days, the days that are gone. The faces not forgotten, and the memories linger on....... conventions and 'Village Day' alike.

    We'll talk again soon...via email.

    Best Wishes