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Tuesday 30 August 2011


    These are the words spoken by No.6 to No.2 as he lay dying on the floor in the cage of in the Embryo Room of Once Upon A Time. But why speak these words to No.2, and with such conviction? Well you will recall that in such a process like Degree Absolute used in psychoanalysis....the patient must come to trust his doctor totally. Sometimes they even change places, which as No.2 put it, 'Is essential in extreme cases,' it is also a risk. Because there comes a point in their deliberations when they do change places, No.6, the patient, becomes the doctor, No.2, and vice versa.....why don't you resign? So having changed places with No.2, and uttering the words 'Die Six, die, die, diiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee' with so much conviction, it's as though he has transposed the character of No.6 to the dying No.2, and so attempting to rid himself of No.6's character, to purify himself perhaps.     BCNU

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