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Wednesday 17 August 2011

Here's A Curious Thing, A Very Curious Thing

    During his de-briefing with No.2 on the moring of his arrival in the Village, No.2 reaches for the Prisoners personal file, whereupon opening it the wall screen depicts enlarged pictures contained within the file. The Prisoner snatches his personal file and quickly turns the pages backwards through the file, from back to front that is. The Prisoner works his way through the file quickly, as though in a race with the pictures being depicted on the wall screen, which he seemed to be trying to beat. It was as though the Prisoner wanted to get to the last picture before the wall screen. The only thing is, the Prisoner, as I've said is working his way through the files back to front, the picture being shown on the wall screen are front to back!
    The pictures depicted on the wall screen are images taken during his former life. For example, when in his former home, the Prisoner is getting ready to meet Chambers, late of the Foriegn Office. He wanted to get Chambers to change his mind before the big boys found out, but at the arranged meeting place Chambers didn't turn up, but proved so talkative! Such was Chambers, abducted to the Village. It's a wonder the Prisoner never met up with Chambers in the Village, as he did with Cobb and later Roland Walter Dutton.
    It is my personal opinion that some of those pictures depicting moments in the Prisoners life, are also from the early life of Patrick McGoohan himself, when he was a boy, and perhaps earlier. Although the baby seen on the screen does not have the high forehead that McGoohan had. Then he was thinking of going on holiday. Now where can he go? Ireland, but too cold that time of year. Paris? Maybe not. What was that? Sounded like a click. Something in the mirror? Over there, yes over there too! It would appear that someone, somewhere, has been keeping a close surveillance on the Prisoner, having a file of his whole life up to the time he resigned. Perhaps, seeing as how the Prisoner was under close surveillance, and because of the job that he did, he had become suspect, if not by his own department, then perhaps by another agency. I don't know how they missed the Prisoners time of birth. But then 'they' didn't know that 'B' of A B & C had a son! Aand that's soemthing else, I know initial letters A B & C has to be used for the title of the episode. But within the episode, while supposedly in the outside world, names are still not used, save for Madam Engadine! 'A' made world news a few years ago, but we don't know his name. Although he looks to be the sort who would defect, not for principle, but for money. And 'B' was supposed to have been a close friend of the Prisoners, so much so that he knows about her son, whereas 'they' do not, and still names between them are not used! Perhaps if No.6 was to have been offered a position of authority in the Village, might it not have been in 'Information & Records?'    Be seeing you.

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