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Saturday 13 August 2011

How Free Are We?

   This is a question once asked by Patrick McGoohan, and his own response follows.
    'I think we're being imprisoned and engulfed by a scientific and materialistic world.'  P. McG.

    If Patrick McGoohan gained that impression from the world at large at the time, then the statement has a far greater revelance today. Technology is not allowed to stand still, not even for a minute. No sooner did they bring out the iPad, than only a matter of months, if it wasn't it seemed like it, then they brought out iPad2. And that is the point. No sooner does some technological company bring the lastest device out, than someone somewhere else brings out something better, something improved which can deliver something faster, at ever greater speeds. And the same is with televisions, once flat screens, then it was HD ready, now it's got to be 3D. And it's the same with DVD's, the next step up the technological ladder was Blu-Ray. Oh yes, and television it's got to be digital, with the old analogue signal being switched off from Augst 17th and the loss of BBC2 and then all the other channels go on Augst 30th, I feel that I am being forced to go digital when I was quite satisfied with the old analogue signal, and there are others who feel as I do, which is quite refreshing really. Because people cry out for technology, to have the latest telephone, lap-top or iPad2, the latest computer game, the lastest thing. People, but not all people, would sooner hold an electronic device to read a book rather than the book itself, because with a device that holds thousands and thousands of books is handier than having a wheel barrow full of books to haul around. and that's fine, but would anyone person actually read all of the books found on such a device? Such is the measuring stick of technology. People want designer clothes. Designer trainers, £100 jeans rather than a pair costing £10 which are just as good, but have no designer label, and that makes any number of people Prisoners of a materialistic world, because they are no longer materialisticly satisfied. So just put that i phone down, say no.....just a minute, if you do that you won't be able to read my blog! Oh god, I'm a damned Prisoner too!                   I'll be seeing you.

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