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Saturday 13 August 2011

Fall Out - A Mass Evacuation

    'Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. Evacuate, evacuate' are the words echoing out around the Village when No.2, sorry, the President realised that the big Red One rocket was about to be launched. Citizens of the Village came out of their homes, running in all directions. Helicopters began taking off from all parts of the Village, where did all those helicopters come from all at once? Security guards raced about in an open taxi. Villagers went running off along the beach......did they all manage to get away? The people from the Old People's Home - people in wheelchairs - hospital patients - having many helicopters available at any one time is fine, but how many people can each one take...two, three, four, five? Even the helicopters seen on the screen would not be enough.
   What we see of the mass evacuation of the Village is not controlled, it's a panic, a hurried rush to get away from what? A rocket is launched, but there seems no immediate danger to the Village itself. In fact the Village remains intact! So did then the citizens return the the Village? Those unlucky enough not to have gained a place in one of the helicopters would have returned to the Village, where else could they have gone, those who fled the Village by running off along the beach. And in that lies the salvation of the Village!

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