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Saturday 27 August 2011

Thought For The Day

    Is Fotheringay a traitor? I suppose it depends on which side runs the Village. But during The Chimes of Big Ben he certainly betrayed an ex-colleague and old friend whom he clearly liked, the Prisoner, and could not wait to see again!  Fotheringay is but a pawn, used as window dressing so to make the Prisoner's arrival in that office in London far more plausable than it might otherwise have been.
    Might it not have been better in Many Happy Returns, if the Colonel had been played by Kevin Stoney, as during The Chimes of Big Ben, instead of Donald Sinden, and to have had Fortheringay instead of Thorpe? I wonder what might the Prisoner's reaction have been to have report to those two ex-colleagues? Would the Prisoner have behaved in a professional manner? Or would he be out for revenge? Certainly the Prisoner would still have questions, and both the Colonel and Fotheringay would still have been the only two to be able to help their ex-colleague. However if that had been the case, and considering the outcome of The Chimes of Big Ben, the Prisoner would have known that he was still in the hands of the enemy! But I think it makes for a curious thought for the day all the same.   Be seeing you.

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